One of the top complaints people have about their smile is that their teeth look discolored or stained. Discoloration and staining are usually caused by foods and drinks with staining compounds or from smoking or old age. Some of your teeth may also look more stained than others. Regardless of how your teeth became stained, Dr. Polley is here to help with professional teeth whitening.

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Professional Teeth Whitening with KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™

A woman rests in a chair with a dentist comparing teeth coloring. Professional teeth whitening can give you a bright smile.One of the major factors that set professional tooth whitening apart from over-the-counter products is the quality of the whitening products. At James B. Polley, D.D.S., we exclusively use KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ to provide our patients with the best whitening results possible. With so many tooth whitening options out there, it’s hard to choose which one is best for your smile. Dr. Polley has made this decision easy by making the choice for you. We choose to use KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ exclusively because it works.

Zoom Teeth Teeth Whitening in Las Vegas Gives Beautiful, Shining Smiles

Our Las Vegas cosmetic dental office uses Zoom Whitening to professionally whiten your teeth to give you a smile you’re happy to show off. Zoom is a laser treatment that lifts discoloration from your teeth’s enamel, leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile. We use a combination of a whitening gel and the laser (or light) to lift color from each tooth. The whitening gel breaks down when exposed to the zoom light and releases oxygen, which lightens your tooth enamel. 

Zoom teeth whitening doesn’t pose a risk to the structure of your teeth, especially when your trained Las Vegas cosmetic dentist, Dr. Polley, is performing the whitening.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Professional Teeth Whitening?

Like any dental procedure, there is a good candidate and not a good candidate for the procedure. Generally, most patients with healthy teeth are good candidates for teeth whitening. We don’t recommend professional teeth whitening to patients who have periodontal disease, tooth decay, exposed tooth roots, or have cavities.

We also don’t recommend teeth whitening to patients who have restorations like fillings, dental crowns, or dental veneers in the front of their mouths. This is because the whitening solution doesn’t work on restorations. Unless your restorations are whiter than your teeth, professional tooth whitening can make your smile look uneven. Dr. Polley will let you know if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening during your appointment.

Benefits of Professional Tooth Whitening

Many patients have had bad experiences with teeth whitening in the past, which has prevented them from seeking professional whitening services from a cosmetic dentist. Whether they used an over-the-counter product and saw little to no results, or experienced extreme tooth sensitivity, professional tooth whitening with Dr. Polley is much different.

At our dental office, we take our patient’s comfort seriously. We understand that tooth sensitivity is one of the biggest problems with teeth whitening, which is why we use KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ and Zoom Teeth Whitening. KöR and Zoom rarely cause patients any discomfort, and patients can look forward to achieving a beautiful white smile without the pain and sensitivity. KöR is also effective against stains caused by tetracycline, which most whitening products fail to do.

With professional teeth whitening from our Las Vegas cosmetic dentist, Dr. Polley, you can expect to have a dazzling smile for years to come with a little help from touch-ups. Your whitening results will last long with regular touch-ups, so you don’t have to give up coffee, tea, or red wine. Learn more about KöR Whitening by watching videos here.

How White Can Your Teeth Get?

Although KöR and Zoom Whitening is a powerful and effective teeth whitening treatment, it still has limits on how white they can make your teeth. It makes your teeth whiter by removing stains located on the surface of your enamel. In some cases, discoloration takes place beneath the enamel. Unfortunately, when this is the case, you can only achieve a whiter smile with help from dental veneers. Dental veneers are the ideal solution for patients who want an extremely white smile, don’t want their smile to fade over time, or patients who don’t respond to professional teeth whitening treatments.

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