Teeth Whitening Las Vegas

Discolored teeth are one of the most common complaints people have about their smile. Discoloration can be caused by food and drink with staining compounds in them, smoking, or just age. Other times, staining may be caused by problems in the tooth itself, which may require a different treatment.

We can evaluate your smile and recommend the right teeth whitening treatment for you. Please call (702) 873-0324 or email cosmetic dentist, Dr. James B. Polley in Las Vegas for an appointment.

Only the Best Teeth Whitening Procedures

There are numerous teeth whitening options available, and we’ve tried them all with our patients. We have seen the poor and uneven results that people can get with over-the-counter options, as well as the gum irritation and sensitivity that many experience. We have tried in-office teeth whitening, but found that the results just didn’t justify the trouble and expense.

That’s why we exclusively use KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ system. With the custom-crafted trays that effectively seal in the professional-strength teeth whitening compounds, you get the best quality results without gum irritation.

Benefits of KöR Whitening Tooth Bleaching

For many patients, what has kept them from the whiter smile they’ve dreamed of is sensitivity. That’s why KöR is one of the principal teeth whitening systems we offer. With KöR, patients who have experience discomfort with teeth whitening in the past can look forward to transforming their smiles with little to no sensitivity at all. KöR Whitening also stamps out stains caused by tetracycline, a feat that few other systems can pull off. And by touching up your smile periodically at home, KöR can even help patients keep their dazzling smiles indefinitely, without having to give up coffee or red wine. You can watch videos about KöR Whitening here.

How White Can Your Teeth Get?

Although KöR Whitening is a very powerful treatment, it still has limits to the levels of whiteness it can achieve. This teeth whitening is powerful at removing stains on the surface of the enamel, but sometimes discoloration is caused by factors within the enamel, such as poor development, damage to the enamel, or a dead nerve inside the tooth. Some people also have enamel that is naturally not as white as other people’s, or it may be thinned due to erosion caused by normal wear or consuming acidic or sugary foods.

In these cases, we may recommend porcelain veneers to achieve your goals. Porcelain veneers conceal your discolored tooth enamel to give you whatever color tooth you desire. We can use them to cover individual teeth or restore your entire smile.

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