Second opinions aren’t uncommon in the healthcare industry. If one healthcare professional told you that you needed an invasive and expensive surgery, wouldn’t you feel better if you had a second opinion to confirm your diagnosis and treatment suggestions before moving forward? Getting a second opinion will help you feel more secure about your decision and almost might bring to light a treatment option you didn’t know about. Don’t worry about offending your dentist if you want a second opinion first – it’s a normal routine of medical practice.

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The Value of a Second Opinion

Many people believe that second opinions are only necessary for a diagnosis. This is not true. Second opinions bring much value even if they don’t change your initial diagnosis because:

  • A confirmed diagnosis and treatment plan can help you feel more committed to your treatment which will improve results.
  • Your second opinion dentist might explain your condition or treatment differently which can give you more information or help you understand it better.
  • Your second opinion might offer a different treatment plan you find more appealing.

Even if your second opinion gives you the same diagnosis and treatment plan as your initial diagnosis, you will have a better understanding of allowing you to commit more.

When to Get a Second Opinion

We highly recommend that you get a second opinion anytime you consider a major dental procedure like dental implants, porcelain veneers, root canals or dentures.

Some dentists may recommend a treatment that you don’t actually need. Like dental implants when a root canal could suffice. They also might recommend a treatment that is not best for you like an inlay when a dental crown would benefit your teeth more. A second opinion is always a good way to ensure you receive the best treatment possible for long-term results.

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