Reconstructive dentistry continuously changes and advances, giving patients endless options to restore damaged teeth and replace missing teeth. From filling a small cavity to replacing an entire mouth of missing teeth with dental implants, Dr. Polley is here to restore your smile back to full functionality and aesthetic. If any of your teeth suffer from damage or decay, it’s most likely reconstructive dentistry is right for you.

We’ve listed some of the most common problems we offer reconstructive dentistry solutions below. To find out which reconstructive dentistry treatment is right for you, we highly recommend you schedule a consultation with Dr. Polley for reconstructive dentistry in Las Vegas at our dental office. Please call us at (702) 873-0324 or fill out our contact form to request an appointment.

Reconstructive Dentistry for Tooth Decay

A young man stands in front of his constructed wall shelves in his office. Our Summerlin dentist can help construct your smile with Reconstructive Dentistry.Advanced tooth decay usually requires more treatment than your standard composite filling. With minor decay, we remove the decay and then fill your tooth with tooth-colored composite fillings. The composite material is a form of plastic made of ceramic particles. We use the material to fill the area of your tooth we removed decay from and then reshape your tooth to look back to its usual self. In the event that you have advanced tooth decay, we may need to use inlays or onlays to add extra strength and protection to your teeth. We create inlays and onlays in-house using our CEREC machine. This means there is no waiting period for your restorations to return from a dental lab. We make the restorations place them on the same day as your appointment.

In some cases of advanced tooth decay, bacteria make its way through your tooth. In this case, a root canal becomes necessary to remove the infected nerve tissue. We will fill your tooth with composite material and then cap it with a dental crown for extra protection and strength. Unfortunately, not all teeth are savable with root canals and sometimes require extractions.

What Bite Position Works Best For You?

In the treatment planning process, we use the Kois Deprogrammer, a device that identifies a patient’s natural resting bite. With this information, we’re able to design your treatment around rebuilding the bite. We’re able to fix horizontal, forward, and backward position issues by designing restorations with the optimal bite in mind. With this comprehensive approach that not many dental offices include, patients can experience a more comfortable bite, fewer headaches, and less wear down the line.

Restoring Damaged Teeth: Chips, Cracks, and Breaks

Teeth are incredibly sensitive to extreme force or damage. It’s common for car accidents, sports accidents, misusing your teeth as tools, or simply just being clumsy to physically damage your teeth. Some people actually fracture or crack their teeth from grinding or clenching them while they sleep. If your teeth face any physical trauma like chips, cracks or breaks, our Las Vegas dentist Dr. Polley, can provide you with reconstructive dentistry treatments to restore your teeth. We can treat small chips on your front teeth using porcelain veneers. Larger cracks or breaks that expose your tooth’s nerve may require a dental crown for ultimate protection and strength.

Tooth Replacement Options with Reconstructive Dentistry

Whether you lost a tooth to traumatic damage, gum disease or tooth decay, our Las Vegas dentist office offers several tooth replacement options to replace your missing teeth. Reconstructive dentistry is a great way to replace your teeth and restore the missing functionality to your teeth.

Dental implants are one of our leading tooth replacement options. This advanced reconstructive dentistry option anchors itself to your jawbone, giving you ultimate support for your restoration to look and function like your natural teeth.

Patients who are not good candidates for dental implants can benefit from a dental bridge. Dental bridges are also anchored to your mouth, however, they use existing teeth as anchors. We create dental bridges and all our restorations inside our dental office using our CEREC machine. You never have to wear a temporary bridge or crown, we create your restoration the same day as your appointment.

Get Reconstructive Dentistry in Las Vegas

If you have a damaged smile that could benefit from reconstructive dentistry, please don’t hesitate to give our Las Vegas dental office a call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Polley to explore your treatment options. Please call (702) 873-0324 or fill out our contact form to request an appointment today.