What if we told you that you could replace your missing teeth and it would look and feel just like your natural teeth with dental implants? Modern dentistry today allows this to become a possibility for most patients, nobody will recognize that you’ve lost teeth, and better yet, you will probably forget too because they feel so natural. They can restore your ability to chew, speak, and smile with confidence after you’ve lost one or several teeth. If you currently have dentures, we can also secure those to dental implants so you don’t have to deal with adhesives again. Instead, you will have a completely secure tooth restoration you never have to think twice about.

If you’re interested in replacing your missing teeth with the closest thing to a natural tooth, or get rid of your dentures for good, give our Las Vegas cosmetic dentist, Dr. Polley a call for a dental implant consultation. Please call (702) 873-0324 or fill out our contact form to request an appointment today.

What to Know if You’re Considering Dental Implants

Dental Implants have given this couple the ability to laugh and cuddle together on a couch. This best tooth replacement option gives you a natural feel.Committing to dental implants is a big decision, so it’s important to weigh the cost and different benefits first. We listed all the information you need in regards to your decision to get dental implants in Las Vegas below. Dr. Polley is also happy to answer any additional questions you have during a consultation.

Am I a Candidate?

One of the first questions you might have about dental implants is if they are the right treatment for you. It’s important to understand if you are a good candidate and what might prevent you from being one. The top requirement is having good oral health that is free of gum disease and sufficient bone mass in the jaw. If you don’t meet these requirements, Dr. Polley can work with you to bring your oral health up to standard through gum disease treatments, bone grafts, and other procedures. Dr. Polley will also discuss your goals, family history, current medical condition, current medications you’re taking and much more.

We will complete a thorough examination of your mouth and take a 3D x-ray using a cone-beam CT to analyze your bone density and if we can place dental implants. If you require a bone graft to become a candidate, this adds an additional three to six months to heal.

Dental implants offer a number of benefits. They’ll improve your smile, increase your confidence and help you look younger. They give you a fully-functional tooth that stands on its own. Since it’s anchored to your jawbone, you will have complete control of chewing, smiling and speaking. The best part is how natural they feel, look, and that they’re long-lasting.

Dental implants also prevent problems from occurring to your other natural teeth. When you fail to replace a missing tooth, your natural teeth will begin to shift into the empty space in your mouth. This can cause bite problems in addition to a change in appearance, helping you preserve your smile’s appearance and bite.

Lastly, help you maintain bone mass in your jaw. When you lose a tooth, your jaw no longer produces bone in the area where your tooth resided. This can cause your face to show more wrinkles and also cause your skin to become loose and droop in your face and neck, replace your missing teeth can prevent these problems.

You can expect your dental implants to last the rest of your life and the crown to last 15 years as long as you take care of them by brushing, flossing, and visiting your Las Vegas implant dentist as recommended.

If you’re replacing a tooth, it’s important that it looks great and dental implants are the most natural-looking tooth replacement you can have. Your dental implant acts as a tooth root so you’ll never have to take it out as you do with dentures. Because it’s permanently implanted into your bone, you won’t lose jawbone mass. That means you’ll enjoy a full, youthful face for years to come. Finally, the crown that sits atop your implant is made of an advanced ceramic material that matches the color of your other teeth or is designed by you and Dr. Polley. Replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Las Vegas and you won’t be able to resist smiling.

Every procedure has its potential risks. The dental implant procedure is invasive, so to be a candidate, you’ll have to be healthy and fit enough to undergo surgery. Additionally, there is a risk of the implant failing to integrate with your bone. This is called osseointegration failure, but you can easily avoid this by choosing a skilled and experienced dental implant dentist.

Each dental implant procedure is highly customized to meet each patient’s needs. Schedule a consultation and examination with Dr. Polley, and he’ll be able to give you an estimate of what your dental implant procedure will cost. We also offer financing options to help dental implants fit your budget.

Understanding the Dental Implants Procedure

Your dental implants procedure can take place the same day we extract your teeth. The procedure can take anywhere from one hour to several. Some patients require multiple visits to complete their treatment if it’s complex. Dr. Polley will recommend general anesthesia or sedation dentistry to help you feel more comfortable during your procedure. The procedure is quite simple. Dr. Polley will surgically insert them into your jaw and then attach your restorations afterward. In some cases, patients may need to let their jaw heal before the implants are stable enough to support the restorations.

Once placed, your jaw will begin to grow bone around them to hold them in place. This process is known as osseointegration and may take three to six months to complete. We highly recommend you follow all postoperative instructions to prevent your implants from failing.

Your dental implant procedure involves surgery that takes one day and several months of healing. You can expect to be fully healed within 4 – 6 months.

Many patients do get their teeth the same day, while others don’t. It depends on how stable your dental implants are after placement.

Although every patient varies, complete recovery times range several months. You will feel able to return to work after a few days.

Most dental implant surgery recoveries are simple and take only 1 – 2 days. However, if you needed a bone graft before (dental implants need proper bone density) then your recovery time will be around 1 – 2 weeks. We’ll prescribe you pain medication so you feel little discomfort.

Some patients take four months while others might take a year. Every patient varies depending on the details of their surgery, and how quickly their body integrates with the implant and heals. Typically, patients will be healed within 4 – 6 months.

Not only is it important to understand how the procedure works, but how to take care of them following your surgery. Maintenance is exactly like taking care of your natural teeth. You’ll need to brush and floss your new teeth twice a day as well as visit your dentist as recommended. Usually, we recommend twice a year, but if you use tobacco products, you may have to visit your Las Vegas implant dentist, Dr. Polley, more often.

You should brush and floss your dental implants twice daily, just like natural teeth. Bacteria can still build up on your gum line and cause peri-implantitis without proper care. It’s crucial to prioritize oral hygiene when you have dental implants.

We suggest visiting your Las Vegas dentist with your normal appointment schedule. Most patients visit us every 6 months, however, each patient is different. If you have other risk factors such as tobacco use, a medication that is damaging to your teeth, or other conditions that may harm your teeth, you may have to visit us more often.

During your check-ups, we will examine your implants just like your natural teeth. If we suspect problems, we will give you a visual inspection, complete periodontal probing, look for signs of implant moving, take x-rays and more if needed.

If you notice your dental crown looks chipped or discolored, you have discolored gums near the implant, or there are pus-filled sores, please visit us immediately. After your implant is healed, pay attention to your gums. Are they red, swollen, and bleed when you brush your teeth? These are signs of peri-implantitis and you’ll need to make an appointment right away.

Certain habits like smoking, using tobacco, chewing on ice, cracking nuts, and other habits can damage your dental implants just as they would your natural teeth. It’s best to quit using tobacco products and only chew on food items that aren’t too hard. This means no nail chewing or opening packages with your teeth. Additionally, if you don’t regularly brush and floss your teeth, your dental implants will fail just as your natural teeth did. It’s also a good idea to wear a mouth guard when participating in any contact sports or if you grind your teeth during the night.

Dr. Polley is happy to meet with you for a dental implant consultation in Las Vegas to determine if implants are the right solution for you and how we can help. Please call our dental office at (702) 873-0324 or email us today to schedule an appointment.