A man getting a dental health checkup in Las VegasRoutine exams, teeth cleaning, and daily oral hygiene can prevent tooth decay and other troublesome dental conditions. Regular dental checkups are important because they allow us to find problems and resolve them before they escalate. The mouth is a doorway to the entire body, so keeping your teeth and gums healthy will promote overall health. We recommend professional hygiene visits every six months to maintain optimal oral and general health.

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Get a Regular Teeth Cleaning and Check-ups: An Ounce of Prevention…

Dentistry has developed many exciting techniques for restoring or replacing damaged teeth. However, preventative dentistry can help you avoid the discomfort and expense associated with procedures like dental implants. For example, a small cavity left untreated can destroy an entire tooth and spread to surrounding teeth. It can even allow bacteria to move into the center of the tooth, where they are protected from brushing and other oral hygiene. They can then multiply and spread into your jawbone or sinuses, destroying tissue, and potentially threatening your life. Once bacteria move inside your tooth, only a root canal can stop damage.

We can detect cavities when they’re small and require only a small filling. We can even recommend additional preventive treatments like CariFree to reduce your risk of cavities.

Protecting Your General Health

Your body is an integrated system, and if your mouth is unhealthy it can affect the health of the rest of your body. If you have even minor gum disease, it increases your body’s bacteria load, putting your immune system under stress and reducing your body’s ability to fight off other infections. Gum disease is also the leading cause of tooth loss in the US. Furthermore, gum disease increases the risk for heart attack, stroke, premature birth, Alzheimer’s disease, and other overall health concerns.

Improving Health and Attractiveness

Dr. Polley recommends checkups and professional hygiene visits every six months. We can also help patients reverse the destruction caused by gum disease, then deter recurrence. We can remove hardened deposits of plaque, known as tartar, that collect around the base of your teeth and other places you don’t reach with brushing and flossing. These hardened deposits protect bacteria and allow them to grow.

We can also give your teeth a thorough but gentle polish that helps remove surface stains and restore their natural brilliance. After your cleaning, you will have a good sense of whether you need teeth whitening or just more regular appointments.

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