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How Long Does a Smile Makeover Take?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you might be considering a smile makeover. When people are considering smile makeovers, they have two main questions: How long will it take? and What will it cost? Today, we’ll address the first question and save the second for a later blog. What Procedures Will You [...]

Can a Smile Makeover Help You Look More Genuine?

One of the fears that people have about getting a smile makeover is that it will make them look fake. However, the opposite is true--a smile makeover can actually make you look more genuine. Cosmetic Dentistry Looks Natural Many people worry that their cosmetic dentistry won’t look natural. They will point to a few extreme [...]

Is It Time to Stop “Getting By” and Finally Have a Smile You Can Love?

If teeth were damaged in an accident, by decay, or during development, we aren’t always able to get them fixed--or fixed properly--right away. Circumstances dictate that we either do nothing or get a temporary measure and plan to fix it “someday.” That was the plan, but over the years, “someday” never came, and you learned [...]

Make the Smile of Your Dreams a Reality

When we are children, we have so many dreams. We dream of being an astronaut, a firefighter, a Hollywood star, or a mad scientist. The world seems so big and wonderful, and it’s all out there waiting for us. But for many people, those dreams fail to become a reality, and by age 30, many [...]

What Your Smile Can Say

Most of the time, we think that a smile is a happy expression, but the truth is that smiles are actually very diverse in their meanings. This probably means that you’re smiling a lot more than you think, trying to convey many different messages to people in many different situations--it’s a What to Wear Today: a Smile

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