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Dental Care Avoidance Linked to Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

One of the biggest challenges of the pandemic is finding the right balance. We want to exercise judicious caution while still trying to live our lives close to normal. One of the biggest problems in this context is figuring out when to seek preventive and routine care. For dental health, people should still be [...]

Sedation Dentistry Is a Great Way to Overcome Dental Anxiety

Even at the best of times, we know that many people have significant dental anxiety. It’s hard to make a visit to the dentist because of fear you might feel about the experience.  And, of course, now that anxiety level has increased. Going anywhere is a more anxious experience these days, and [...]

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for Me?

Many people in Las Vegas are unfamiliar with the idea of sedation dentistry. And those who do know what sedation dentistry is may think of it as a limited solution, something that applies to other people in specific situations. The truth is that many people can benefit from sedation dentistry because [...]

How Long Does a Smile Makeover Take?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you might be considering a smile makeover. When people are considering smile makeovers, they have two main questions: How long will it take? and What will it cost? Today, we’ll address the first question and save the second for a later blog. What Procedures Will You [...]

Sedation Dentistry Helps People Who Have Trouble Getting Numb

If the idea of needles in your mouth makes you squirm, you’re definitely not alone. Lidocaine, the more modern replacement for Novocaine, is the most popular dental anesthesia. The length of time that an area remains numb depends on several factors including the type of procedure, the amount of nerves that need to be [...]

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