Root Canal

We Can Help You Save Your Smile

We know it’s easy to get discouraged about the state of your oral health. If your teeth are damaged or decayed, discolored or displaced, you might think that it can’t be made better again. But the truth is that with modern dental technology and the skill of reconstructive dentist Dr. James [...]

It’s Never Too Late to Fix Dental Injuries

We recommend rapid treatment of tooth injury. Many people will want to get a chipped tooth repaired right away. Others may decide to get treatment if their tooth turns dark after trauma. But other people may not get treatment for damaged teeth right away. Or they may get a checkup [...]

Root Canal Therapy Can Protect Your Heart

A new study is reinforcing the connection between oral health and your overall health. We already understand the connection between gum disease and heart disease. We even know that this connection isn’t a new affliction. It’s been contributing to heart disease risks since the days of ancient Egypt. But now we’re learning [...]

The Clock Is Running on Reconstructive Dentistry Options

Our life is full of demands on our time, so if your tooth gets damaged, you might be tempted to put off repairs. But don’t succumb to that temptation -- your reconstructive dentistry options depend on quick action. The longer you wait, the fewer your options, and the more expensive those options [...]

Why Tooth Infections Aren’t Like Other Infections

We all know infections are dangerous and have to be treated. We’ve all probably had an infection or two, as well, so we’re accustomed to the usual treatment: a simple course of antibiotics. Maybe in some cases, a cleaning is necessary first. So why is it that an infected tooth requires an involved endodontic [...]

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