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Reconstructive Dentistry

Can I Benefit From Reconstructive Dentistry?

Take a look at your smile in the mirror. Are you unhappy with the way it looks? Is it dysfunctional? Are your teeth missing or broken? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might benefit from reconstructive dentistry. At James B. Polley, D.D.S., we offer a full range of reconstructive dentistry [...]

What to Do If You Lose a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are long-lasting dental restorations. They can last 10-20 years if properly cared for, but even the best crowns can eventually fail. Here’s what to do if you lose a dental crown.  Get the Crown Out of Your Mouth First, you want to make sure you don’t swallow [...]

Should You Save a Tooth or Replace It?

As a general rule, we like to preserve your natural teeth as long as possible. Thanks to advanced reconstructive dentistry techniques, we can save more teeth than ever before. However, there may come a time when removing the tooth is the best thing we can do for your oral and overall health. Fortunately, [...]

Benefits of Same-Day Dental Crowns

As dental technology advances, it lets us offer more attractive, more durable, and more convenient reconstructive dentistry. CEREC is one of the technologies that offers the best benefits. With CEREC, we can make dental crowns and other restorations in our office rather than having to send them to [...]

Filling, Inlay, or Crown: Which Is Right for Me?

Reconstructive dentistry gives us many options for repairing damaged teeth. If you experience tooth decay, we might recommend a filling, inlay, or dental crown. Which one is right for you depends on the state of your tooth.  The Right Situation for a Filling We use tooth-colored fillings. These fillings are made of [...]