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Is Your Toothache an Emergency?

The most common complaint that brings people to their dentist is a toothache. While you might normally call right away to schedule an appointment for a toothache, you might be reconsidering now, especially since most dentists are closed for all but emergencies, which might include reconstructive dentistry for your toothache.  So how [...]

5 Tips for the Best Home Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is one of the best investments in healthcare. While taking care of your teeth doesn’t guarantee you won’t have problems, it will improve your chances of having good oral health. And it’s something that can be both simple and effective. But how can you best clean your mouth? Here [...]

Tips for Keeping Your Breath Fresh at Holiday Parties

Even during this busy time of year it's important to remember to make your checkup and hygiene appointments. When you go out to holiday parties this year, you want to look your best. Shouldn't you smell your best, too? Although you will probably wash and may even put on cologne or perfume, you [...]

Don’t Forget to Deduct Dental Care on Taxes

We are rapidly approaching tax time here in the US, and that means it’s time to finally assemble the return you’ve been procrastinating on for so long. But here’s some good news if you’re scrambling for last-minute deductions. Dental care is deductible on your taxes. That’s right, every dollar spent at the dentist [...]

Another Whitening Remedy to Avoid: Apple Cider Vinegar

The Internet is a great source of information. Unfortunately, it's also a great source of misinformation as well, including numerous teeth whitening shortcuts that people will unknowingly try, and, in the process, damage their teeth. It Might Work . . . for a Little While This home remedy for whitening tells people to [...]