Understanding Your Filling Options

If you have a cavity, a dental filling is usually the best treatment. However, there are many filling options out there, so how do you understand which is best for you? As your Las Vegas experts at reconstructive dentistry, let us explain these options so you can understand how to decide on the best [...]

Protect Your Teeth: Skip the Juicing Trend

Juicing continues to be a big trend in our country. Everyone is promoting the value of fruit juices, especially those who run juice stands or sell juicing machines. They want you to think that if you’re not juicing, you’re not healthy. But the truth is actually the opposite. Juicing can be very unhealthy for [...]

Fluoridation Reduces the Cost of Dental Care

Water fluoridation has a bad image problem. It’s being accused of everything from being a way to put toxic waste in our water to causing bone development problems. Despite the fact that there is little to no evidence of any harm from water fluoridation, the anti-fluoridation forces have one powerful piece of ammunition in [...]

Ceramic Fillings: Advanced Technology for Optimal Results

Fillings are the most common procedure in reconstructive dentistry. In the past, fillings were often made of metal amalgam, a primitive mix of mercury and other metals that, while durable, could be damaging to your teeth, the environment, and possibly your health. These have largely been replaced with tooth-colored fillings, [...]

Control Sugar Cravings to Avoid Reconstructive Dentistry

If there is one factor that will most dramatically impact your need for reconstructive dentistry, it’s your consumption of sugary foods on a daily basis. True, we need to be aware of the erosive power of acidic foods, but sugar is the primary reason why all of our advances in modern dentistry [...]

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