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Do Cavities Hurt? How Can I Tell I have Them?

If you visit your dentist regularly, they can check your teeth for cavities. These twice-annual checkups should be sufficient to catch cavities before they cause problems. However, if you don’t make it to the dentist as often as you should, or if you’re concerned about the health of your teeth between [...]

Why Your Dentist Discovered So Many Cavities at Your Last Appointment

We love to give our patients a clean bill of health. As much as we love the challenge a complicated reconstructive dentistry case, we love it even more when we can just admire your pearly whites and send you on your way. But sometimes we have to be the bearers of [...]

New Research Reveals Ravages of Smoking on Famine Victims’ Teeth

We know that smoking is very bad for your oral health. Now new evidence shows that smoking has long been responsible for widespread problems in oral health. Researchers recently studied victims of the Great Irish Famine, which killed more than a million people across Ireland. They found that in addition to [...]

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Fluoride May Be Vital to Brushing Teeth

These days, many people are concerned about the potential negative effects of health products they use. This has been driving people to consider alternatives like natural mouthwashes and toothpastes. But are these alternatives effective at reducing cavities and promoting oral health? A new study says they’re not, but that may not be [...]

One More Reason to Quit the Bottle: Alcohol Increases Risk of Oral Disease

Cancer, heart disease, dementia—the list of diseases and poor health conditions caused by alcohol consumption continues. A recent study shows that alcohol changes the makeup of the mouth’s microbiome that could have effects on the whole body, making it susceptible to disease. Researchers from the New York University School of Medicine in New York City have [...]

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