Everyone wants to have a brighter smile, but we perhaps feel it more strongly here in Las Vegas, because so many of the people we meet on a daily basis are stage performers who maintain such bright smiles for professional reasons.

So it’s understandable that teeth whitening would be in such high demand. And with such high demand, it’s expected that there would be many options to try to meet that demand. So how do you choose from these different options? Here is a guide to help you decide which is the best teeth whitening approach for you.

Your Complete Teeth Whitening Guide

DIY Home Whitening

Benefits: Try whitening with common household ingredients

Disadvantages: Doesn’t work, can damage teeth

It’s a common hope that we can do accomplish the same or better results than professionals at home using simple home remedies. However, the reality is that it’s simply not true.

There are many home whitening recommendations that have been proposed and tested, showing that they aren’t good options for whitening your teeth. Not only are these remedies ineffective, they can actually damage your teeth.

The problem is that many of the home whitening approaches are based on one of two things: abrasion or acidity. Both of these can damage your teeth. Abrasive toothpastes scratch away your tooth enamel. Acidity dissolves it. Both lead to thinner enamel.

One problem with these whiteners is that they can seem effective at first: they remove stains along with your enamel. So your teeth might get whiter for a while. But then the tooth damage becomes apparent, and you see that your teeth are permanently discolored because the darker interior of the tooth is visible through. At that point, no whitening will work, and we have to rely on treatments like veneers to restore the brightness of your smile.

Whitening Toothpastes

Benefits: Low cost, might work

Disadvantages: Minimal whitening (if any), can damage teeth

There are some whitening toothpastes that include proven whiteners to give a small amount of actual whitening. However, the concentration has to be very low to avoid irritation of cheeks and gums. So if they do provide whitening, it will be very slight.

But it’s best to approach whitening toothpastes with caution, as many of them are highly abrasive. This includes the popular new charcoal toothpastes. These can badly damage your tooth enamel, just like DIY whiteners. For help finding the best toothpaste, see our guide to toothpastes.

Whitening Mouthwashes

Benefits: Can protect and strengthen teeth

Disadvantages: Doesn’t work, can dry out mouth

Although whitening mouthwash seems like a good idea–no abrasiveness and it’s unlikely that they’re acidic–a recent study showed that they aren’t actually effective at all. This study soaked teeth in whitening mouthwashes for 30 days, finding that it didn’t actually improve the color of the teeth. If that amount of soaking can’t improve the appearance of teeth, it seems unlikely that your daily rinse will actually whiten teeth.

But whitening mouthwashes are unlikely to cause too many problems. The worst risk is that they can dry your mouth out because they contain alcohol. However, whitening mouthwashes can also help your oral health because they kill bacteria and many contain fluoride, which strengthens your teeth.

OTC Whitening Strips and Trays

Benefits: Moderate whitening effect, low risk

Disadvantages: Can be hard to use and may provide uneven results

This is the only home whitening strategy that’s actually been proven to work. Over-the-counter whitening strips and trays can actually make your teeth noticeably whiter. They’re also safe to use, as directed, although it’s a good idea to see a dentist first and regularly while you’re using whiteners.

However, the whitening you achieve with these trays is limited by the fact that they have low-strength whitening compounds. Also, they can be hard to use properly, which can lead to diminished whitening and uneven whitening, which causes the edges of your teeth to be an unsightly dark color.

Professional Whitening

Benefits: Best whitening results, very low risk

Disadvantages: Higher cost

If you are really looking for a teeth whitening approach that achieves the brightest smile possible, then you are looking for professional teeth whitening. This process uses the strongest whitening compounds available. At the office of Dr. James B. Polley in Las Vegas, we exclusively use KöR whitening, which delivers the best results of any whitening system. Excellent quality control for the whitening gel ensures consistently high results, and the outstanding fit of the whitening trays makes sure that you get the most benefit from the gels evenly on your teeth with minimal irritation of your gums.

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