Dental anxiety is a very real and very serious problem that can keep patients from making their oral health a priority. Thankfully, though, doctors like Dr. James Polley have a soothing solution for dental anxiety that can help fearful or anxious patients get the care they deserve. That solution is known as sedation dentistry.

There’s more than one type of sedation dentistry out there. There are three, in fact—nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation. All three are safe and effective, but not every office that offers sedation dentistry offers them all. At Dr. Polley’s Las Vegas dental office, we concentrate on oral sedation.

Oral sedation works using a trusted prescription medication and is recommended for patients who struggle with mild to moderate anxiety.

Here’s what you can expect from your appointment using oral sedation: On the morning of your appointment, you’ll take your prescription as directed. Then, by the time you’re in Dr. Polley’s Las Vegas office, the medicine will have taken effect. Instead of feeling nervous, you’ll feel a deep sense of relaxation and even drowsiness. Some patients even fall asleep during their appointment, though many others don’t. Regardless, your awareness of time and of your appointment itself will melt away, leaving you with a relaxed feeling that lets you get the care you need.

Find out more about sedation dentistry and oral sedation by visiting our sedation dentistry page. We also invite you to call our Las Vegas dental office if you’re ready to schedule your next visit.