Hearing that you have a cavity can be the most devastating aspect of checkup. Some patients, if it happens enough times, may just decide to give up on regular visits altogether.

But avoiding the dentist only makes matters worse, not better.

So that’s why Dr. Polley recommends that patients who cavity-prone integrate CariFree into their daily oral care routine. CariFree is a unique treatment that lets patients prevent cavities from forming, thereby negating the need for fillings later on down the road.

How Does CariFree Work?

CariFree helps patients prevent cavities by adjusting their smile’s pH. For example, in a patient with a normal, healthy smile, the pH balance constantly fluctuates between acidic and basic. But in a cavity-prone smile, the pH is acidic more often than not.

What using CariFree can do for patients, then, is restore that balance using xylitol, a natural sweetener that neutralizes pH levels and stops bad bacteria from producing acid. What’s more, CariFree also contains fluoride, providing even more protection for patients who are cavity-prone.

Would you like to learn more about how CariFree can help you prevent cavities? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Polley today. We’d be happy to thoroughly examine your oral health and recommend a treatment plan that works best for you.