adult woman with inflamed gumsMost dental problems Americans face are rather minor issues that an experienced Las Vegas general dentist can treat fairly conservatively and easily. If you think you may have gingivitis or if you’ve been diagnosed with gingivitis, you may be wondering, “Will gingivitis go away” and the short answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

You will need help from your Las Vegas general dentist, and you will have to make some changes in your oral hygiene routine at home to get gingivitis to go away for good. In no time at all, you can stop gingivitis in its tracks and avoid the much more serious issue of periodontitis or periodontal disease, which is a much more problematic dental issue that will require more time in your Las Vegas general dentist’s chair.

Gingivitis vs. Periodontitis

Gingivitis is minor gum inflammation and usually precedes periodontitis, which is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. If gingivitis is not treated, it will advance into its more serious cousin, periodontal disease. Not all gingivitis progresses to periodontitis—gingivitis will go away if it is treated properly and nipped in the bud early on. The major difference between the two is that gingivitis is reversible, while periodontitis is not.

In the early stages of gingivitis, plaque (which contains bacteria that has not been removed) accumulates in the areas between the teeth. In early gingivitis, the gums become inflamed and may bleed while you’re brushing your teeth. Though the gums may be irritated, the teeth are still firmly planted, and no irreversible damage has yet taken place in the gums or the teeth. This is why it’s crucial to get your gingivitis cared for right away.

If you don’t get gingivitis treated very early on, the likelihood of it advancing into periodontal disease is greatly increased. The most common signs and symptoms of gingivitis are red, swollen gums, or bleeding gums while brushing the teeth. Calling your Las Vegas general dentist at the first sign of this problem is the best way to prevent gingivitis from progressing to a more serious gum disease.

If gingivitis is not treated and is allowed to progress, then periodontitis will likely develop; when that happens, the inner layer of the gum and bone pull away from the teeth and form pockets. These small spaces (pockets) between teeth and gums collect debris and can become infected. The body’s immune system fights the bacteria as the plaque spreads and grows below the gum line, but in advanced cases of periodontitis, the immune system can only do so much, and extensive gum treatment to remove those pockets of bacteria and pus will be necessary. Those procedures will require you to take time away from your busy schedule to get proper treatment. So, it’s important to do everything in your power to get gingivitis to go away early on in its development.

How to Prevent or Minimize Gingivitis

With twice-daily brushing and flossing at home and visits to your Las Vegas general dentist every six months (or more often, if recommended), you can prevent gingivitis from ever becoming a problem. Your dentist will have some tools on hand to scrape away any debris and bacteria, and there are mouth rinses made specifically to treat the gums and prevent advanced gum disease.

Your Las Vegas, Nevada, general dentist will tell you that the best way to combat gingivitis is to prevent it from ever forming. You’ve got to get that plaque cleaned off your teeth and gums at least twice a day, and your general dentist in Las Vegas will perform thorough cleanings twice a year to keep your gums and teeth healthy and vibrant.

It’s important to brush and floss properly, so if you need a little refresher on the best techniques to brush and floss at home, don’t be shy about asking your dentist and the dental hygienist for some tips. They also may be able to suggest some other tips and techniques to keep your mouth free of gum disease.

Get Gingivitis to Go Away in Las Vegas, Nevada

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