If you are unhappy with your smile, you are probably considering options to improve it. We admit that when you’re looking at them, online fake smiles actually sound appealing. Inexpensive, attractive, and easy to use: what’s not to like?

Everything. It’s not just that these fake smiles don’t look attractive–they can actually be damaging for your teeth. It’s better to save your money to get a real smile makeover with procedures like true dental veneers or dental implants.

Online Veneers Don’t Fit Well

One of the biggest problems with getting online veneers is that they don’t fit right. Not all of them even have a mechanism for fitting. When they do, it’s usually something similar to a boil-and-bite mouthguard. This mechanism is barely adequate for a mouthguard, and wholly inadequate for fitting in a cosmetic smile.

Even when these veneers present a way to get them customized by sending in impression trays, the result is usually not very good.

In fact, the fit on these teeth is often so bad that people literally can’t wear them. Don’t throw away money on teeth you might not be able to wear.

closeup of a womans bright white smile

Online Veneers Look Fake

When you look at the websites advertising these online veneers, you are shown many attractive smiles. You are led to believe, and sometimes told, that these people are wearing the fake smile product.

However, this is generally a misrepresentation. Most, if not all, the smiles featured on the website are stock photos of models.

Even when the pictures are of the actual veneers, they don’t look as real in person as they do on the website. In person, it’s easier to see how fake the plastic teeth are. When people see the real teeth for the first time, they choose not to wear them at all.

Online Veneers Can Cause Problems

While it might seem that getting veneers online is harmless, it can actually lead to problems. First, the poor fit can make you hold your jaw strangely, which can lead not only to jaw pain, but also to uneven tooth wear as you hold your teeth together to try to keep the fake teeth in place.

In addition, these fake teeth can trap food and acidic liquids against your teeth. This can accelerate tooth erosion and increase your risk of tooth decay.

Don’t Put off a Real Solution for Fake Ones

But perhaps the biggest problem with fake online veneers is that they can make you postpone finding a real solution for your smile.

The time you spend committing to a fake smile, ordering it online, waiting for delivery, and trying to make it work is time that could be spent searching for a real solution to your problem. In addition, some people get so disillusioned by the failure of these fake smiles that they think there’s no solution that will work for them. After all, the treatment claim they’re as good as cosmetic dentistry.

Are You Looking for a Beautiful Smile in Las Vegas?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, there are solutions that can help. True solutions that will give you an attractive, healthy, and long-lasting smile.

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