There are many potential approaches to teeth whitening out there. Many dental offices use multiple approaches to whitening, which might make sense for them. However, we use one product exclusively: KöR Whitening. Here’s why. 

Man proud of his white smile looks in the mirror at his dentist office

Better Quality Control

Teeth whitening gel is full of highly active chemicals. It has to be. The whitening chemicals have to be able to attack and break down stain molecules.

The downside of this activity is that they are subject to going bad. Whitening chemicals stored at around room temperature have a tendency to weaken quickly over time. Unfortunately, that’s how many whiteners are shipped and stored, which means that we’ve had trouble in the past with batches that didn’t give our patients good results.

KöR Whitening gel, though, is shipped and stored cold. This helps them to maintain their potency and ensure that when you get your whitening gel, it will work as it should.

Better Tray Fit

At-home professional whitening uses custom trays to deliver whitening gel to  your tooth surface. However, the quality of the trays can vary widely. Some fit well, while others don’t .

For whitening, fit matters more than just for comfort: a better-fitting tray isolates the whitening gel from your gums so you don’t get as much irritation. It should also protect the gel from your saliva, which can dilute and break it down. When this happens too fast, it takes longer to get the whitening effect you’re looking for.

Stronger Whitening Gel

All professional whiteners are stronger than the type of whitener you can buy over-the-counter at your local drug or grocery store.

However, KöR Whitening has some of the strongest whitening gels available. This is partly because their tight-fitting trays can seal the whitener in and keep it from getting out to burn your gums.

Reduced Sensitivity

One of the problems we have always hated about teeth whitening is the tendency to cause tooth sensitivity. It seemed like a poor tradeoff. Unfortunately, many types of teeth whitening, especially those focused on delivering fast results, have quite high levels of sensitivity.

But with KöR Whitening, there is little to no risk of sensitivity. That’s because KöR Whitening comes with desensitizer treatments that block tiny holes in your teeth. These holes become unblocked by whiteners, which allows fluid to flow through the tooth, leading to sensitivity. By blocking the holes, KöR Whitening helps you avoid sensitivity.

More Effective Whitening in Las Vegas

Our answer might seem complicated, but it comes down to one simple fact: KöR Whitening works better in every way. It has more intense whitening, shorter time to achieve your goal brightness, and less discomfort and irritation of teeth and gums.

And that’s why we exclusively use KöR Whitening. If you would like to learn more about this or other cosmetic dentistry techniques we use at our office, contact us today. Please call (702) 873-0324 today for an appointment with Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Dr. James B. Polley.