Perhaps you know someone who got porcelain veneers in the past. You might have noticed that the veneers were big, bulky, and a fake-looking bright white. Not only that, but they had a tendency to chip. They might never have chipped, but your acquaintance changed their habits to keep from putting them at risk.

If you think that’s what veneers are like, you’ve got it all wrong. Modern dental veneers are dramatically different from the veneers of the past. Here’s why.

Why Veneers Are Better Than Ever

Subtle, Attractive Design

One of the big advances in dental veneers is that we have a much better idea of how to make them look attractive and natural. In the past, veneers had a tendency to be really big and bright. They were like a caricature of an attractive smile–and they often weren’t very attractive at all. People would see the veneers and know immediately that they were fake.

However, these days, we understand better how to make a smile that’s really attractive. We know how to mimic natural teeth that are proportional to your face. Veneers look as if they are your natural teeth. People can tell the difference between before and after, but people meeting  you for the first time won’t be able to guess that you’ve had your teeth worked on.

Modern design isn’t just natural, either, it’s personal. We won’t give you the same smile as everyone else, we will give you a smile that’s uniquely yours. It can be similar to your family smile, or your own unique creation. You can close a gap in your smile, or keep it, for example.

The natural proportion has the benefit of keeping your veneers out of harm’s way. This makes them less likely to chip.

We can help you pick a tint of white that will make your smile look gorgeous, but doesn’t immediately make it seem like face teeth. And unlike teeth whitening, your results can last for years, even decades.

Advanced Materials

Modern dental veneers also benefit from better materials. Some materials used for veneers in the recent past had an opaque quality–they looked more like plastic or glass than natural teeth. But modern veneers are made with materials that are beautifully translucent–like the porcelain that used to be used in veneers.

However, it’s not porcelain. Most often, modern dental veneers are made of lithium disilicate, which not only looks beautiful, but is very strong. How strong? Porcelain can withstand about 10,000 pounds per square inch of force (psi), about half again as strong as your enamel. They have to be stronger than enamel because enamel can flex more than porcelain. Lithium disilicate can withstand up to 58,000 psi, nearly nine times as much as tooth enamel. That helps them to avoid chipping and cracking.

Learn the Benefits of Modern Veneers

If you are looking for a way to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile, but have been put off by the limits of old veneers, don’t wait any longer. Learn the ways that modern dental veneers are better than the veneers of the past. More attractive, more individual, more natural, and more durable: these veneers can give you the smile of your dreams.

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