If you’ve just received a diagnosis and treatment plan from your dentist, you might be tempted to just take their recommendation and go ahead with the procedure. This may be the right approach for routine dental treatments, but if you’ve been advised to get a major invasive procedure, it’s best to get a second opinion. Here’s why:

Dr. Polley with a patient

It’s Best for Your Peace of Mind

As you are approaching your dental procedure, it’s natural to wonder whether it’s the best thing to do. And after the fact, you might have worry and regret, especially if you have any kind of complication.

You can do a lot to calm those mental troubles by knowing that you made the right decision. Getting a second opinion will tell you when dentists agree this is what you need, and that means it’s probably the right thing for you.

Dentists Have Different Training and Approaches

But part of the point of getting a second opinion is that the second dentist might not agree. In fact, it’s likely that two dentists with different training, experience, and perspective will offer different treatment plans. One might recommend saving a tooth while the other recommends replacing it with a dental implant. Or they might offer the same treatment plans, but with different priorities. Maybe one dentist thinks action is critical, but another might think it can wait. Seeing what different dentists have to say can help you make the best decision for your case.

You Might Understand Your Options Better

Dentists are great at taking care of your oral health, but they’re not always great communicators. Sometimes a dentist will explain the state of your oral health and your need for treatment in a way that doesn’t make sense or leaves you with a mistaken impression.

A different dentist is likely to take a slightly different approach to explaining the situation. This will help clear up any confusion you may have. And even if you understand the situation well, they’ll probably add in some different details, too, so you’ll see it even better.

You Might Find a Better Dentist for You

Not every dentist is best for every person. You might have a great dentist, but maybe they’re not perfect for you. The only way to find a better dentist is to talk to other dentists. Normally, there’s no reason to talk to other dentists if you’re reasonably happy with your current dentist. But getting a second opinion is a good opportunity to talk to other dentists and see if there’s one you like better.

Or maybe you realize just how much you really like your current dentist after comparing him with a few others.

Are You Looking for a Second Opinion?

If you’re looking for a second opinion in Las Vegas, Dr. James B. Polley happily gives them. If you’re currently a patient of Dr. Polley and want a second opinion from another dentist, he can also happily recommend some qualified colleagues who can help.

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