Dental implants have a natural appearance

There are several tooth replacement options, but dental implants are the best. They let you eat all the foods you enjoyed with your natural teeth. Not only can they last a lifetime: they don’t require any special care to do it. But one of their most important advantages is that they look more like natural teeth than any other tooth replacement option.

No Visible Supports

Dental implants support themselves, anchored in your jawbone like a natural tooth. So there’re no visible supports attached to the artificial tooth. With a partial denture, the base of the denture can be seen, as can the wires, hooks, or clasps that link the partial denture to your natural teeth for support.

Modern dental bridges are better. Although the dental crowns are fused together, the connection is very subtle. People might not notice the supports for a dental bridge. Of course, older dental bridges often had more visible supports, such as small wires.

Natural Gum Tissue

Because your dental implant is supported in your jawbone, the natural gum tissue can grow up around the implant, just as with your natural teeth.

But with a partial denture, the tooth is supported by the plastic base. The base is designed to look like natural gum tissue, but it’s not. Depending on the denture, the results may be more or less convincing.

With a dental bridge, your natural gum tissue can be nurtured to grow up around the replacement tooth. But without support and stimulation, the bone under the bridge can resorb, and the gum tissue can vanish with it. This can impact the natural appearance of your dental bridge.

Attractive Dental Crowns

And of course the dental crown itself helps the dental implant to achieve an attractive appearance. The dental crown is made of a ceramic that is highly natural in appearance. The replacement dental crown can match the natural color and luster of your natural teeth. Perhaps the only way it might not match is in the tendency to stain, so you may have to take better care of your teeth to help avoid staining your natural teeth and giving away the implant.

We can make them in-house using our CEREC system, which gives Las Vegas implant dentist Dr. James B. Polley even greater control over the appearance of the crown so that he can match it precisely to your other teeth.

Your Dentist Makes the Difference

Of course, not all dental implants achieve a natural appearance. That’s because the proper placement and restoration of a dental implant takes training, experience, and skill. Choose your implant dentist carefully for best results.

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