If you are considering your options for restorative dentistry in Las Vegas, you have many choices. We recommend that you choose a dentist who not only offers CEREC crowns, but has the experience utilizing it to achieve the optimal results.

Reconstructive dentist Dr. James B. Polley has been offering CEREC crowns for many years, and he knows the benefits they give his patients. He can help you have a better experience and get better results with CEREC crowns.

The Convenience

Of course, one of the reasons why people are drawn to CEREC crowns is that they are so convenient. There’s no need to schedule a second dental appointment–you can get your crown placed on the same day as your tooth is prepared. This not only means no second appointment, it also means no temporary crowns.

No temporary crowns is also convenient for you, it means that you don’t have to worry about adjusting your diet to protect the weaker crown. And you’re not going to experience the same level of sensitivity you’d experience with a temporary crown.

The Appearance

But convenience should never be the only reason you seek out a particular procedure. Dr. Polley wouldn’t offer a procedure just for the convenience: it has to deliver results that are as good as or better than lab-made dental crowns.

Lab-made dental crowns are great. They can be very attractive and natural in appearance. But Dr. Polley knows that sometimes he can do better in his own “lab.” Once the dental crowns are made in the CAD/CAM mill, he takes them out, polished them, stains, and glazes them.

This custom process allows him to achieve exactly the appearance he wants. There is no distance or chance for confusion. Instead, you’ll get an exact match to the appearance of your other teeth.

Not only that, but they are able to maintain their appearance over time. Studies have shown that CEREC restorations are able to maintain their attractive color, even if you’re a lifetime coffee drinker.

The Durability

Again, lab-made dental crowns are highly durable, but CEREC crowns are as durable–or more so. Many CEREC crowns are made using alumina, which in nature can be found as the gemstone corundum, called ruby or sapphire, depending on the color. This is not only a beautiful material, it’s exceedingly hard–9 on the hardness scale, with only diamonds harder at 10. And newer CEREC crowns can be made with zirconia, which is not only attractive and hard, it’s stronger than titanium!

This translates into great durability. One study showed that 95% of CEREC crowns were still in place on molars and 97% were still in place on front teeth after 5 years.

If You’re Looking for a Great Crown–Today

If you need a dental crown, you want to make sure that you’re getting a quality result, and a great experience. CEREC crowns offer both.

To learn the benefits of CEREC crowns in Las Vegas, please call (702) 873-0324 today for an appointment with Dr. James B. Polley.