Dental crowns are long-lasting dental restorations. They can last 10-20 years if properly cared for, but even the best crowns can eventually fail. Here’s what to do if you lose a dental crown.

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Get the Crown Out of Your Mouth

First, you want to make sure you don’t swallow the crown or its parts. Get the crown out of your mouth, including any broken pieces.

If you did swallow the crown, you should contact a doctor or dentist right away. In some cases, an x-ray might be recommended to find out where the crown went.

Examine the Crown

Once you have the crown out of your mouth, examine it. Does it look whole or broken? Are there more pieces of the crown still stuck to your tooth? Do you think you might have swallowed some parts of the crown?

You can also examine the tooth, but you won’t necessarily see important details, such as whether there is secondary decay that might have caused the crown to detach.

Contact a Dentist Right Away

If your crown has come out, you will need to have it put back in or replaced with a new crown to protect the tooth. How quickly this has to happen depends on the reason why your tooth was treated. In general, a tooth that’s been treated for infection will need to be treated more quickly to avoid the risk of a new infection.

Don’t attempt to repair or replace your dental crown until after talking to a dentist. Never use a glue or cement not intended for dental use to repair the crown. It could damage your teeth or the crown. Many glues are also toxic and can poison you if used in the mouth.

Temporary dental cements are available at the drugstore, but should only be used if your dentist recommends them for your situation. It’s not always best to put an old crown back in, even on a temporary basis.

Follow Eating Restrictions

After your consultation, your dentist will set up an appointment at the earliest possible time. However, in the meantime, you will likely have eating restrictions. You should avoid eating hard, crunchy, or sticky foods on that side of your mouth. Ignoring this restriction could lead to further damage to your teeth, including the risk that your exposed tooth could break in ways that can’t be repaired. This would lead to extraction and potential replacement with a dental implant.

Don’t be surprised if the uncovered tooth is sensitive to heat, cold, and sweets. If you experience discomfort, try to minimize contact with the uncovered tooth.

CEREC Is Ideal for Replacing Lost Crowns

If you have lost a dental crown, CEREC is a great tool for replacing it. Instead of having to make two appointments and wear a temporary crown in between (which is vulnerable to being broken or lost, too), you can get your new crown made in one visit.

Dr. James Polley will examine the tooth where the dental crown came off. He will make sure it is healthy enough for a new dental crown. Sometimes he might do additional reshaping to remove decay or make the new crown more secure.

Then he will scan your teeth with the CEREC scanner, constructing a 3D digital impression. He will use the impression to design a new dental crown, which the CEREC mill will carve out in less than an hour. Then Dr. Polley will check the fit of the crown, make any necessary adjustments of color, and cement it in place.

In total, it takes less than two hours to get your crown replaced with CEREC.

Replace Your Lost Crown in Las Vegas

If you have lost a dental crown in Las Vegas or nearby areas of Las Vegas, cosmetic dentist Dr. Polley can help you quickly replace it with a beautiful, durable CEREC crown. Please call (702) 873-0324 today for an appointment.