One of the challenges of dental work is to help our patients understand what their smiles will look like after treatment. It is often hard to imagine the changes that will happen to your smile. With digital imaging from Dr. James Polley, we can show our patients exactly what their smile will look like before even starting their treatment.

Once Dr. Polley has examined your smile, listened to your smile goals, and formulated a treatment plan, he’ll create a digital image of your smile. Then, the computer software will generate an image of what it will look like once he’s finished with your treatment. We can even give you a picture to take home and show to family or friends.

We want our patients to be informed and understand the decisions they’re making instead of blindly agreeing to treatment. Digital imaging allows us to make sure our patients understand exactly what they’re agreeing to before treatment begins.

Digital imaging is a great tool that we have in our office. With this technology, we can change an image of your current smile to show you what it will look like after treatment. If you’re interested in seeing how this tool can work for you, give us a call today.

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