British beauty expert Louise Redknapp has teamed up with Listerine mouthwash to market a small line of lipsticks designed to help make your teeth look whiter.

You don’t have to order this lipstick from the UK to get the promised effect, though. Here are some tips for getting the best whitening effect from your lipstick.

High Contrast

Dark lipsticks make a high contrast against your teeth, making them look whiter by comparison. There are lots of suitable shades, so almost anyone can find a good dark shade that will work for them.

Blue Moods

But dark lipstick doesn’t always go with your style? One of the nice things about Redknapp’s Wild about Beauty lipsticks is that it includes a very wearable pink shade, one that goes with all skin tones and makeup styles.

The secret in this case is the blue undertones. Blue shades in lipsticks will help draw out the whiteness of your teeth and conceal yellowness. Keep yellow or gold makeup as far away from your mouth as possible.

Glossing Over

Glossy lipsticks will give your lips more shine, which in turn will make your teeth look shinier, too. This even works if you don’t want to wear lipstick: a lip gloss can give your teeth a little extra sparkle.

Glittering Success

You can also get extra sparkle with makeups that have glitter. Even if it’s on your cheek, it can help make your smile look more sparkling.

Still Unhappy?

But if you’ve tried all these strategies and you’re still unhappy with teeth that seem slightly yellowish or brownish, it’s time to talk to a cosmetic dentist. Teeth whitening is good at removing lots of surface stains. If you have deeper or persistent staining, porcelain veneers can conceal these to give you a bright beautiful smile.

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