Smiling is more than just something you should do when you feel good: it’s an incredibly powerful recipe for health, longevity, and, yes, happiness. That’s lots of reasons to smile every day.

Smiling Predicts Your Marriage, Well-Being, and Longevity

You might think that smiling in a picture is just an expression people put on for the photo. But it’s much more than that. In fact, studies have shown that people who smile more broadly in their pictures during youth have a much better life than those who don’t smile as much or at all.

In one study, Berkeley researchers looked at pictures of women aged 21 in college yearbooks. They found that women who were smiling more broadly were more likely to have a successful marriage and more likely to have a positive personal well-being–up to 30 years later!

But that’s not all. A 2010 study looked at how smiling in baseball card photos related to lifespan. They looked at pictures from 1952, and focused only on players who debuted prior to 1950. Researchers divided the players into three categories: not smiling, slightly smiling, and broadly smiling. They found that broadly smiling players had the highest average lifespan: almost 80 years. Those who were slightly smiling had a shorter lifespan, 75 years. And those who weren’t smiling at all had the shortest life span: only 73 years.

The power of a smile.

Smiling Makes You Happy

And here’s another important power of smiling. It’s not just that we smile because we’re happy: we’re happy because we smile. This much-supported facial feedback theory was first proposed by Charles Darwin, who said that the experience of acting out emotions actually stimulates those emotions in the brain.

How happy does smiling make you? Very happy, according to some more recent research. Researchers have used MRIs to look at brain activity and measure the positive impact of smiling. They found that one smile gave the same emotional bump as eating 2000 chocolate bars! That’s a lot of good feelings, and a smile has zero calories, too! Or maybe you prefer cash over chocolate. A smile’s got that beat, too: one smile is the equivalent of receiving about $25,000 cash!

And you can even take a smile to the bank! Smiling can lead to better success in crowdfunding loan requests.

Smiling Makes Others Happy, Too

And in case you think that smiling only gives selfish benefits, it’s important to remember that smiling is a social act. When we see others smile, we can’t help but smile ourselves. That means that when you’re smiling your way through the day, you’re also helping all those around you to have better days.

So smiling doesn’t just give you a better life, it can help make the world a better place.

Let Us Take Care of Your Smile

With all that your smile can do for you, taking care of it is pretty important. We understand the importance, and we take that responsibility solemnly. We would love to get a chance to see your smile in our office and make sure you can keep enjoying a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

We’ll also share a few of our smiles with you before your appointment is over.

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