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In general, it’s best to get dental implants as soon as possible after losing your teeth. But not everyone has to rush to get dental implants. How do you decide when is the right time to get your dental implants?

Here are a few factors to consider.

When Do You Need Your Smile Ready?

Many people decide they want to get dental implants to fix their smile in anticipation of a special upcoming event: a public appearance, a wedding, a photo session, or other time when your smile is going to be front and center can make you decide to get your smile improved.

If you just want a smile that looks attractive, you can easily schedule your dental implant procedure as little as a month before your special occasion. You will have a temporary restoration, but it should look attractive enough for pictures and meeting people in person. Few people–and possibly no-one you don’t tell–will be able to identify the replacement tooth.

If you want your artificial teeth to be able to function fully so you can eat barbecue, corn on the cob, or other special foods at the event, then you should schedule your procedure three to six months before your event. This will give your dental implant time to fully integrate into  your jawbone before the event.

Your Health

If you have health problems that may interfere with your dental implants, we can’t ignore that in terms of timing. We can’t plan your procedure to go forward if that might endanger your implants or your health, so we will have to wait until you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Diabetes, for example, can have a negative impact on dental implants if your blood sugar is not well controlled. So make sure you get your blood sugar levels under control before scheduling a dental implant procedure.

Diet, nutrition, and exercise can also impact your dental implants. If you have seasonal periods of inactivity when you don’t get much sun, it might be a good idea to try for a different time. Exercise can help your dental implant healing, as can vitamin D, which your body makes when you get sunshine on your skin. Getting implants during periods of healthy outdoor activity can definitely be helpful.

Psychological health is also crucial for getting the best results from your dental implants. Depression, other mood disorders, and chemical or alcohol dependency can put your dental implants at risk. Psychological disorders can make it hard to maintain a good oral hygiene routine, which is vital for dental implant maintenance. Sometimes the treatment may be the problem. Antidepressants, for example, can increase the risk of dental implant failure by up to six times.

The Season

Dental treatments, like many other things, has a seasonal cycle of popularity. If you are considering dental implants and can be flexible, you should ask your dentist when things are least likely to be busy.

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