You know how important a healthy heart is. And maybe you’re already doing a lot to ensure that yours stays healthy for years to come.

But how’s your brushing and flossing routine? Are you making your oral health a priority?

The two may not seem related, but they are, and by visiting Dr. Polley’s Las Vegas dental office, you can actually do a lot to support your heart health. But to fully understand the connection, you have to understand how a condition like gum disease affects your smile and your general wellbeing.

A smile that’s been affected by gum disease is in danger of developing pockets between the teeth and gums. If that happens, bacteria and plaque now have a way of accessing other parts of the body—including the heart.

Regular dental visits and a thorough brushing and flossing regimen aren’t guaranteed to protect you from heart disease, but they can give your health added support. When you come into Dr. Polley’s Las Vegas dental office, we’ll check your smile for signs of gum disease, in addition to removing built up bacteria and plaque from your teeth and gums before they have a chance to create pockets.

To schedule your next visit with Dr. Polley, give our office a call at (702) 873-0324. Your smile is an important part of your overall health.