Are you trying to decide whether to get an orthodontic procedure like Invisalign? Here are five signs that you should get your teeth straightened.

Reluctant to Smile

How do you feel about showing off your smile? If you are uncomfortable showing your smile because of crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth, it may be time to consider getting your teeth straightened. After all, do you want every moment of spontaneous happiness to be tinged with self-doubt or regret at flashing an unconscious smile?

Food Gets Caught in Teeth

Everyone gets food caught in their teeth occasionally, but if you have crooked teeth, you’re more likely to get irritating food particles stuck in your teeth. If you often find yourself rushing for a toothpick after meals to try to dislodge an irritating sesame seed, poppy seed, bit of carrot or other relatively large piece of food, it may be time to get your teeth straightened.

Difficulty Cleaning Teeth

If you are having trouble getting your teeth clean, it’s important for you to get your teeth straightened. If you can’t adequately clean your teeth, you’re more likely to suffer damage to your teeth, and that means restorative dentistry procedures like tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns, or more.

Signs that crooked teeth are interfering with your oral hygiene include:

  • Large amounts of plaque coming out from between teeth when you floss
  • Localized discoloration
  • Large amounts of tartar buildup in certain spots (we can tell you about this during your cleaning)
  • Red or irritated gums in only certain areas of the mouth

If you notice these signs, maybe you should consider getting your teeth straightened to facilitate oral hygiene.

Bad Breath

Technically, bad breath is another sign that you’re not able to clean your teeth well enough, but it’s important to mention it separately because it’s a sign you might be more likely to notice. Teeth that aren’t getting cleaned well can harbor anaerobic bacteria, which use sulfur compounds instead of oxygen to process food, causing them to release smelly compounds.

If you or others notice your bad breath often, crooked teeth may be to blame.

Uncomfortable Chewing and Worn Teeth

Uncomfortable chewing or teeth that don’t seem to fit together right when resting is another sign that you might benefit from having your teeth straightened. You may also notice that your jaw feels sore, especially after chewing on tough or demanding food. This is also a sign that you may need more serious attention to your bite than a simple orthodontic treatment. You may even be developing TMJ. The sooner this is addressed by a Las Vegas dentist, the better for you.

Sometimes you may not be aware of your ill-fitting bite at first until you can read the signs of it on your teeth, which can have very uneven wear on them. You may also experience cracked teeth, broken teeth, and restorations that fail prematurely.

During a consultation about teeth straightening, we can help you understand the cosmetic and health issues associated with crooked teeth so you can make an informed decision about whether the procedure is right for you. To learn more, please contact Dr. James B. Polley in Las Vegas today.