A stitch in time saves nine is an old proverb that reminds us fixing a small problem sooner can be much more economical that waiting until it becomes bigger. Nowhere is this more true than in dentistry, where timely intervention can reduce your need for reconstructive dentistry later on.

Before A Cavity Develops

During your routine dental visits, we can perform professional cleanings that will help remove more of the bacterial plaque than you can get yourself, including the hardened plaque called tartar.

We can also identify regions on your teeth that are beginning to show damage to the enamel. In the early stages of demineralization, this damage can often be reversed with some changes to your diet and oral hygiene routine, such as: avoiding acidic or sugary foods, cleaning the area more thoroughly, and possibly using remineralizing rinses.

Before a Cavity Grows

If we are unable to stop a cavity from forming, we can detect it when it’s small. Filling a small cavity is a lot better for you than filling a large one. It’s faster and less expensive. It also preserves more of your tooth material, keeping your tooth stronger and reducing the chance you’ll get tooth sensitivity.

Before a Tooth Becomes Infected

Even if your tooth has developed a large cavity that compromises the structure of your tooth, we can still catch it before it reaches the tooth pulp. Although you may need a dental crown, you won’t have to undergo a root canal procedure and can keep your vital tooth longer.

Before a Tooth Is Lost

Once your tooth becomes infected, we may still be able to save it. The root canal procedure is very successful in preserving a tooth and protecting it for years to come. A tooth that has undergone a root canal procedure may last another twenty years or more.

It’s also important to treat an infected tooth quickly because it may become a pathway for bacteria to enter the body in dangerous ways, attacking the sinuses and, eventually, the brain.

Before Jawbone Is Lost

Even if it’s too late to save a particular tooth, getting attention sooner makes it more likely that you will be able to get dental implants. Loss of bone mass around an infected, neglected, or removed tooth will make it harder for us to place a dental implant to replace your lost tooth.

No Time Like the Present for Scheduling a Dental Visit

No matter what the condition of your oral health, today is always a better time to visit your dentist than tomorrow. If you are overdue for a dental visit, please call (702) 873-0324 to schedule an appointment with Dr. James B. Polley today.