Would you rather hide your smile than show it off? If you’re missing several teeth, dentures or partials could be a great solution for your smile. At Dr. James Polley’s dental office, we will analyze your smile and come up with the right solution for you.

There is no need to fear dentures any longer. Developments in technology have allowed us to create dentures that fit better and are more comfortable than ever before. We offer both full and partial denture solutions to meet your unique smile needs.

Partial dentures, also referred to as partials are several teeth that are on a gum colored base. It fits in between existing teeth to complete your smile. Partials are secured with clips or brackets, so they can be removed for easy cleaning. Full dentures are used to replace an entire row of missing teeth. They can be attached with adhesive, or either full or mini dental implants.

If you’re missing more than a few teeth, dentures and partials could provide the right solution to restore your smile. Dr. Polley will examine your teeth and help figure out the best way to replace your missing teeth. Give us a call today to take the first step towards having a full, beautiful smile once again.

Dr. James Polley’s cosmetic dental office is located in Las Vegas. Call our office today to schedule your next appointment!