Dental crowns can last for decades, but sometimes you may want to remove old crowns and replace them with new ones. There are three main reasons why you might want to replace old crowns: they’re broken, worn, or otherwise not working, they don’t fit properly, or they are unattractive.

When Your Crowns Stop Working

Eventually, every crown will reach the end of its functional life. A dental crown that comes off because of  a cement failure can often be put back, but if your crown is broken or worn through, it’s time to replace it with a new crown that can do a better job of protecting your tooth.

Other times, decay may be a sign that your crown isn’t working properly. If decay has developed under your crown, it will have to be removed and replaced after the decay is fixed.

Decay under a crown may not be the crown’s fault. Receding gums may expose the tooth root, which may decay out from under the crown.

Sometimes decay can be managed with the crown in place, but if we can’t access decay or can’t be sure we’re getting it all with the crown in place, we’ll have to remove the crown and replace it.

When Crowns Don’t Fit

Most of the time, you’ll notice a poorly-fitting crown right away. Your bite may not seem to fit together right anymore, and you may notice soreness in the tooth with the crown or the opposing tooth.

But if you don’t replace the crown right away, you may end up significant wear on the opposing teeth, or you may even develop TMJ that can be traced back to the crown. If a crown is causing a bad bite, we might recommend replacement.

If You Don’t Like the Look of Crowns

But what if you have a crown that’s functional, but unattractive? We can replace that crown if you like. A full metal crown can make a person feel self-conscious about talking or laughing in public.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns can also make you self-conscious if some of the ceramic has come off, or if receding gums have revealed the metal visible at the edge of the crown.

Using our CEREC technology, we can replace your crowns with a much more attractive all-ceramic crown during a single visit.

Replacing Your Crowns

If you have a crown that is broken, uncomfortable, or unattractive, we can help. We will talk to you about your crown replacement options, help you understand the benefits and limitations of each, and make recommendations based on the state of your smile.

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