Nevada law prohibits non-dentists from performing teeth whitening procedures. But that doesn’t stop many salons and spas in Las Vegas from offering teeth whitening. There are even beauty parlors that offer it as a service from their rolling beauty van.

But just because you can get your teeth whitened anywhere doesn’t mean that you should. In fact, there are good reasons why you should get your teeth whitened at the dentist.

If You Want the Best Results

Teeth Whitening in Las VegasOne of the best reasons to get teeth whitening at the dentist is to get the best results. Really, what’s the point of whitening your teeth if you’re not going to get good results.

A common problem with both at-home whitening and whitening from an inexperienced practitioner is uneven results. If only part of your tooth gets whitened, the result looks even worse than it did when your teeth were fully stained.

Another problem is that a salon or rollaway teeth whitening operation isn’t going to tell you when you aren’t going to get good results from teeth whitening. They won’t tell you if discoloration is due to damage to the tooth, poor enamel development, decay, or that your enamel is thin, showing the dentin underneath. In most cases, they won’t even tell you if you need a stronger whitener to get good results, because they usually only offer one, unlike a cosmetic dentist, who can offer deep tooth bleaching with KöR Whitening.

And a cosmetic dentist can also tell you what procedures can work when whitening doesn’t, like porcelain veneers.

Ensure Your Teeth Are Safe

Part of the reason why the law allows people other than dentists to offer teeth whitening is that the procedure is very, very safe for your teeth and gums. But that doesn’t mean that every practitioner out there is actually going to be following the guidelines for proper use. And when improperly used, whether by you or by a salon, there are risks, such as:

    • Sensitivity
    • Overuse


  • Irritation and receding of gums
  • Use of untested whiteners

When you’re working with someone who is already operating outside the law, they have very little to lose by offering you something that may seem to result in whitening, but may actually be damaging your teeth. As we’ve seen, home whitening remedies like apple cider vinegar and strawberries can be damaging to your teeth. And those are just mild treatments. There are many that have much more potential for damage.

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