Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing every day, and making your regular dental checkups may be enough to prevent cavities for most people, but others are at an increased risk for cavities. If you’re doing everything you’re supposed to but keep developing cavities, or caries, as dentists call them, perhaps you need a new strategy.

CariFree is designed to target multiple factors that contribute to the formation of cavities to help you get and remain caries free.

Acid Neutralization

No matter the cause, if your mouth gets acidic to a certain point, your teeth will be demineralized. Whether this means focused demineralization that may lead to cavities or a more general enamel wear, it affects your oral health. CariFree products and treatments start by neutralizing pH in your mouth, which also promotes the growth of positive bacteria and slows the growth of destructive ones.

Antibacterial Agents

Harmful bacteria in your mouth band together for protection from saliva and other protective elements in your mouth. They secrete proteins that bind them together, forming what biologists describe as a biofilm. In order to prevent damage to your teeth, CariFree includes targeted antibiotics that are capable of penetrating this biofilm to kill bacteria.


Your teeth are constantly losing minerals to short periods of acidity or the more prolonged acidic attacks by bacteria. In order to restore them to prevent cavities, it’s important to promote remineralization. CariFree does this partly by supplying fluoride, which allows your teeth to form a protective mineral known as fluorapatite, but also by increasing the amount of material available to help your teeth rebuild. CariFree includes many forms of calcium phosphate, the building block of tooth enamel, to promote remineralization that will undo damage to your teeth.

Want to Learn More?

How long has it been since your last cavity-free checkup? Do you want to get a clean bill or oral health every time? CariFree may be able to help.

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