Dental implants have a very high success rate. Nearly everyone who gets them will have them for decades, likely for life. Still, we all want to do what we can to make sure we have the best odds of success with our implants.

One of the things you can do to improve your odds of success with dental implants is to use positive thinking. Positive thinking can potentially help speed your healing with dental implants and make them more likely to be successful.

Thinking Positive Helps Heal | Summerlin Dental Implants

Evidence that Positive Thinking Helps

Healing is a complicated process. Some people heal quickly. Others heal slow. What makes the difference? A 1991 study looked at a group of patients with knee or ankle injuries, some of whom had exceptionally fast healing. They found that the people who had the fast healing shared these characteristics:

  • Positive attitude
  • Low stress or good stress control
  • A strong social support network
  • Clear, focused goals
  • Speaking to themselves to enhance positive goals
  • Use of mental imagery

A 2009 study looking at patients with hip injuries confirmed that people who healed best had:

  • Social support and spirituality
  • Determination
  • Clear goals
  • Professional care
  • Healthy lifestyle choices

So, in addition to the factors that we expect will facilitate healing, such as professional care and healthy lifestyle, we see that healing can be promoted by determination, focusing on goals, social support, and belief in a supreme being.

How to Use Positive Thinking to Heal

If you talk to people who focus on helping people heal, you realize that there are specific techniques for positive thinking that work. Here are some common pieces of advice to consider in helping you think positive.

Before you have your procedure, tell yourself that your implant procedure is going to be successful. Make it your goal. Add steps to help achieve that goal, including positive thinking, but also working with a highly trained implant dentist, following their instructions, and eating a good, healthy diet.

After your procedure, work to control negative thoughts, worry, and stress. Positive self-talk can be really helpful, but also lean on your support network, including your faith.

Develop personal mental images that help you focus your thoughts on healing. This can be a little complicated at first. Start by considering what healing looks like to you. You might envision what sickness looks like, too, so  you can have a better idea of what you’re moving away from as well as what you’re moving toward. The imagery can be anything appealing to your sense of healing. It can be mechanical or biological, realistic or fantastic. As long as it makes you think about healing. You won’t have to share this with anyone, so there’s no need to worry that others might think your image is silly. It’s to help you heal, no one else. You can use the same image every day, but if it helps, you can switch it up.

What’s important is that you use your healing image every day. Take some quiet time every day to relax, close your eyes, and guide your thoughts to positive, healing images. If you find your thoughts turning negative, try stopping and starting again. That often helps.

Positive Dentists Can Help

Of course, it also helps if everyone on your team is positive, too. This can help steer you toward the thoughts that will improve your odds of success.

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