There are many people who don’t like to smile in pictures, often because they don’t like the appearance of their teeth. Now the new Photoshop Fix app can help you fix the problem by creating smiles in nonsmiling pictures.

But cosmetic dentistry goes a step further and lets you transform a digital image into your real smile.

A Controversial Tool

The new functionality met with some initial resistance at its debut in September. The presentation used to show off the function was criticized for its insensitivity because it featured a male presenter forcing a woman model to smile. In the recent context casting “Why don’t you smile?” as an aggressive form of catcalling, the presentation definitely seemed in poor taste, and some people thought the tool might not make the final version as a result.

But with the release of the Photoshop Fix, it turns out the tool is there. The tool, like other “liquify” tools, is smart enough to recognize facial landmarks and know where your smile is so that it can be manipulated as a single action. It’s easy to take a picture that has a neutral or even frowning position and give it a smile. You can control the degree of the smile and even adjust different aspects of the smile such as the height and breadth of the corners. You can’t easily turn a closed-lip smile into an open-lipped one, but as a quick and easy fix, the tool is very helpful if you’re trying to alter your expression in a selfie or if you are trying to make all the employees look happy in a work portrait.

The tool is a good addition to all the photoshop tools people have already been using to improve the appearance of their smiles by altering the shapes and whiteness of their teeth.

We Can “Photoshop” Your Smile in Real Life

If you’re unhappy with your smile, you don’t have to settle for just fixing it in pictures–you can get it fixed in real life. In some ways, our CEREC system is very much like photoshopping your smile. It collects a digital image that we can then manipulate to give your teeth a better shape, brighter color, even close gaps and repair damage, basically improving all aspects of an attractive smile.

But it goes one step beyond that, because we can make that digital image the reality. CEREC will carve out a restoration that can be placed on that damaged tooth you always photoshop over to make it as attractive in real life as you make it in pictures. For larger changes, we might send the digital image to a lab to create the restorations, but the effect is the same: you have essentially made the photoshopped smile your real smile.

And then you won’t need a tool to turn frowns into smiles–they’ll come naturally.

If you want to learn more about using digital dentistry to improve your smile in Las Vegas, please call (702) 873-0324 for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at the office of Dr. James B. Polley.