Everywhere you look, it seems like there’s nothing but bad news, but that doesn’t stop Americans from being very happy. In fact, according to a new survey by a large consumer insight company, CivicScience, people are really very happy. However, some of the reasons why might surprise you.

Healthy, Happy People

In general, people are all very happy. Six times more people say they’re happy than say they’re unhappy, though the release from the survey doesn’t tell us how many people report they are neither happy nor unhappy.

One of the things that makes people happy is being healthy. People who say they are healthy are 11 times more likely to also say they are happy. People who are unhealthy are 133 times more likely to say they are unhappy.

Somewhat in contrast to this, though, people tend to get happier as they get older. Starting at age 30, each older age group is happier than the one younger than it, with the highest percentage of people reporting happiness at ages 65 and older. It’s likely we have a shifting definition of happiness, so that even though our health may not be what it once was, we still feel we’re healthy as we get older.

Take This Job and Shove It

Unemployed people aren’t generally thought of as being a happy bunch, and, by and large, they’re not. But you know who’s more unhappy? Those who have a job they hate. These are among the most unhappy people out there.

Buying Happiness

Money can’t buy happiness, or maybe it can. People with more money tend to be happier, and, in particular certain purchases are strongly associated with happiness. Those who buy jewelry for themselves are 23 times more likely to say they’re happy. Eating at upscale restaurants and making purchases on tablets are also associated with increased happiness.

Want to Show Your Happiness More?

If you feel happy, it’s good to be able to show it everywhere you go. But if you’re uncomfortable with the appearance of your smile, you might not be comfortable doing that. This can actually detract from your happiness, making it hard to enjoy all the great things in your life.

But the good news is that cosmetic dentistry has many solutions to help you get a smile you will be happy to share.

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