People think that it’s only women who are interested in cosmetic dentistry. But in cosmetic dentistry, as in cosmetic surgery, more men than ever are improving their appearance. Only it’s hard to tell, because men are less likely to talk about it.

There are many reasons why men are looking more seriously at cosmetic dentistry now than in the past. You can see many examples in our smile gallery of men who had their smiles redone. Modern cosmetic dentistry will let men keep their secret, if they want. It can look so natural that no one ever has to know that you’ve had your smile redone.

Paul's smile

Why Men Are Deciding on Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many reasons why men are being drawn to cosmetic dentistry. Some of them are social and some are technical.

An Attractive Smile Has Professional Benefits

Many men are drawn to cosmetic dentistry because it offers professional benefits. Surveys have shown that people with white, straight teeth are more likely to be hired over people with similar qualifications. And they’re more likely to be offered a higher salary, too.

People in sales have even more pressure to have a smile they can show. People may be willing to buy more and pay twice as much for products if they are given a smile.

Men who don’t feel comfortable relying on their smile at work feel the difference and know cosmetic dentistry can help.

Men Realize Smiles Matter to Women

Although men may be getting more cosmetic dentistry, they aren’t just doing it for themselves. Many men realize that their smile matters if they’re looking for a date. On the competitive digital dating scene where you may not have much more than your picture to speak for you, it’s important to know that more women name a smile as what they’re looking for in a date than anything else.

Whether you’re a young man on the dating scene, or an older man who’s dating again after divorce, your smile is a vital asset, and if you don’t feel comfortable with it, you might be looking for cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Always Improving

Changes in cosmetic dentistry make it more appealing, too. With modern technology, we can give you an attractive smile that is so natural in appearance, no one will be able to tell you’ve had your smile fixed.

And treatment is more convenient than ever. With CEREC, we can produce a dental crown in a single visit, which can repair chipped, cracked, worn, or discolored teeth.

Keep Your Smile Makeover Secret

Cosmetic dentistry also appeals to men because it is easy to keep secret. With natural looking restorations, no one will be able to tell these aren’t the teeth you were born with. And you won’t have to miss work for recovery time, nor will you have suspicious bruises or scars to give you away. If you don’t want to talk about your smile makeover, you don’t have to.

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