Loyalty is a good thing when you’re being loyal to friends, family, and flag, but what about your dentist? Some degree of loyalty to your dentist is good because a dentist that has served you well in the past deserves at least the opportunity to continue giving you quality care. But at a certain point you have to consider whether you might be suffering unnecessarily because of your dentist.

In the Huffington Post, stylist Carol Brailey records how her family stayed loyal to their family dentist until he retired.When they found a new dentist, they suddenly realized that the old dentist was as out-of-date in his practice as he was in his decor.

But how do you know if your dentist deserves your loyalty, or if you might benefit from considering a new dentist. After all, an old dentist is not necessarily out-of-date. Here are some signs you can look for.

Dentist Offers Same Old Services

Change your dentistDentistry has changed dramatically in the last few years, and it continues to evolve almost as fast as night turns into day. Any dentist who isn’t continuing to offer new services is, frankly, falling behind the times.

You don’t want a dentist who flits from fad to fad to fad, but a dentist should regularly be adding new technologies and techniques such as CEREC, CariFree chairside monitors, digital imaging, digital x-rays, and more.

Dentist Doesn’t Add New Credentials

There is a maintenance amount of continuing education a dentist has to take to keep up his license, so every dentist is technically remaining educated in new developments in the field, but not all dentists are really adding new skills to their repertoire. If a dentist is really continuing to grow, they will be adding new skills, which you can identify by new certifications.

Some of the areas where dentists add skills are in cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, sleep apnea treatment, and dental implants. Look for these and other markers of continued growth in your dentist.

Dentist Doesn’t Update Equipment

Is your dentist’s office full of the same equipment that it was when you started going there years and years ago. Although many pieces of dental equipment are highly durable and don’t need to be replaced, if a dentist is keeping up with new technology, you should periodically see something new in your dentist’s office from time to time.

Dentist Doesn’t Update Decor

You might not think your dentist’s decor matters, but it does, for a couple of reasons. First, aesthetically pleasing surroundings help put you at ease and can result in less discomfort.

But it also is a sign that your cosmetic dentist has the same aesthetic sense he did when he started practice in the 80s (or earlier!). This is as true for your smile as it is for the wall decorations. You don’t want a smile that’s only up to standards that are 30 years out of date–you want a smile that compares with the best that’s out there now.

You’re Not Getting Quality Care

And, of course, the thing that matters most is that you’re getting the best possible care. If you notice that you’re not getting the same level of quality care you used to be getting, then it’s time for you to move on. A dentist who is mentally focused on retirement might have his brain out on Lake Powell and not in the operatory where it needs to be. And that’s a definitive sign that you need to find a new dentist.

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