Because people with attractive smiles are considered more friendly, intelligent, and successful, it’s no wonder that, every year, patients with stained teeth turn to professional teeth whitening for help. That’s why, at Dr. Polley’s Las Vegas office, we offer a wide variety of professional teeth whitening systems, including Aquabrite, Nite-White, and Zoom!

For patients who’ve had trouble with teeth whitening in the past, though, we often recommend Dr. Rod Kurthy’s Kör Whitening. Kör Whitening, one of our most popular options, uses Deep Bleaching™ power to produce dazzling results for patients of all kinds.

The Benefits of Kör Whitening

Like other teeth whitening systems, Kör Whitening cuts through stains caused by tea, coffee, and tobacco. Unlike others, though, Kör is even able to cut through difficult stains caused by medications like tetracycline.

What’s more, patients who’ve tried professional teeth whitening in the past but experienced uncomfortable sensitivity can look forward to experiencing little to no sensitivity at all with Kör Whitening. No other professional teeth whitening systems can deliver the same results as Kör.

Want to know more about Kör and how Dr. Polley can help you use it to keep your smile white? Call our Las Vegas office today to schedule a visit with Dr. Polley. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you find exactly the cosmetic service to help you.