Is the Oakland Raider Smirking at Us?

Oakland Raiders
If you look at the logo for the Raiders, it’s very hard to tell what his expression is. It’s more uncertain than the eventual fate of the team, which it seems will be coming here to Las Vegas, not staying in Oakland.

Is That What a Happy Pirate Looks Like?

The logo was designed for the Raiders once they had chosen that name. The Raiders were first named the Oakland Señors because that was the most popular response in a contest to name the new team in 1960. Perhaps we can gain from insight if we consider the model for the logo.

Ostensibly, the logo was modeled on the face of actor Randolph Scott, and if you look at the actor’s expressions, you can see that he often sported a similar slight smile. So it could be a smile.

But, then again, perhaps it’s more like the slight scowl you can see on his face when he’s commanding respect as master gunner on board the ship Adventure Galley in the movie Captain Kidd, his most famous role as a pirate. So it could be a scowl.

The expression is probably designed to be intentionally ambiguous, as this would allow him to participate in skullduggery to facilitate his wanton acts of piracy with the occasional commission as a privateer. Never confuse him with a buccaneer, though!

Are the Raiders Moving to Vegas?

So will this be the logo of our new home team? It’s likely, but not set, yet. Certainly, there is good reason to move the team here. Las Vegas sits at the intersection of many teams’ fan territory, though all commanding less than 10% of the population (if Twitter statistics are to be believed). The Raiders are the third most popular team in Las Vegas, but since neither the Cowboys nor the 49ers are likely to move here, the Raiders are the most logical choice.

Whether it will actually happen or not is another question. The deal took a big step forward on Friday with the Legislative approval of a $750 million tax increase to help build a stadium for the team. Governor Sandoval approved the measure on Monday.

But that doesn’t mean the team is necessarily going to move. First, team owner Mark Davis has to apprise the other owners about the situation and lay the groundwork to apply for relocation, which he’s doing this week. The actual application for relocation can be made in January, where he’ll have to receive approval from 24 of 32 votes from the League to move.

But even if he gets approval, the plan is for the Raiders to stay in Oakland for two more years. That’s to allow time for the new stadium to be built. And to allow Raiders players and staff to adjust their home lives.

If you remember that the Raiders were considering moving to LA as recently as last year, where they came in third on a bid for the LA market, after the Rams and San Diego Chargers. But Davis says his focus has shifted fully to Las Vegas.

Unmistakable Smiles

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