If teeth were damaged in an accident, by decay, or during development, we aren’t always able to get them fixed–or fixed properly–right away. Circumstances dictate that we either do nothing or get a temporary measure and plan to fix it “someday.”

That was the plan, but over the years, “someday” never came, and you learned to get by with your damaged smile. You learned to smile without showing your teeth and use dozens of little techniques to avoid showing your smile when you talk or laugh. You’re not happy, but you’re doing okay.

But maybe it’s time that “someday” became today! Here are some signs that it’s time to stop putting off your smile makeover and start it today.

Should you stop just getting by with your smile?

You Realize How Much Your Smile Matters

One of the ways we let ourselves put off a smile makeover is by convincing ourselves that our smile doesn’t matter. It’s a superficial thing that should be low on our list of priorities. But hopefully you come to realize the power of a smile, and how your smile has the power to change the world. And you realize your smile isn’t just for you.

However, it’s also important to acknowledge that your smile makeover is, first and foremost, for you. You are the one who has been living behind your damaged smile all these years, and you know what that feels like. You have a right to feel good about yourself and that includes feeling good about your smile. This is enough of a justification for getting your smile makeover.

You Know There’s a Solution

Another thing that keeps people from getting their smile makeover is that they think nothing can be done. That may have been true in the past–we were certainly limited in what we could do in past years–but today virtually anyone’s smile can be improved.

Still think your smile can’t be saved? Don’t be too hasty to close that door. Instead, it’s best to talk to an expert and figure out what can be done. Then you’ll know for sure that you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

You Have the Resources to Get Your Smile Makeover

There was a reason why you got the temporary fix you did–or got no fix at all. Maybe you didn’t feel you could take the time to get your teeth fixed or get it done right. But most likely it was money that was the main obstacle. But maybe now you have the resources. You’re better off financially, or you have a freer schedule, and the time is finally right for you to get your smile fixed.

It Doesn’t Cost as Much as You Think

An important part of this is to realize that your smile makeover probably won’t cost as much as you think–in time or money. Procedures have become much more streamlined than in the past, so you’ll spend less time in the office–and less time in recovery–than ever. With the development of CEREC, we can now offer you a dental crown in just one visit, not two, and you’ll love the results. And other procedures have become similarly streamlined so that you’ll love how fast you can enjoy your beautiful new smile.

Technology has also brought the cost down for many different procedures. If you priced a smile makeover years ago, now’s a great time to look into it again and find out how much it might cost now. And it’s also important to consider how financing can help you fit a smile makeover into your budget.

Is Now the Right Time for Your Smile Makeover?

If you’ve lived with a damaged smile for years, you might think you don’t have a choice but to keep living with it. But you don’t have to resign yourself to that. You can have a beautiful new smile, and there’s no time like now to get started.

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