young adult man smiling with teethA More Comfortable and Effective Hygiene Approach

Las Vegas dentist Dr. James B. Polley works hard to stay at the forefront of dentistry. He regularly adopts new techniques that he believes offer true benefits to his patients. That’s why we’re happy and proud to introduce Guided Biofilm Therapy. This new approach to performing hygiene during your regular dental appointments can help you get a treatment that is customized to your needs.

With the scientifically verified Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) approach, you can enjoy hygiene appointments that are both more comfortable and more effective.

Benefits of Guided Biofilm Therapy

What drew us to Guided Biofilm Therapy is the suite of benefits it offers our patients. When you visit our Las Vegas dental office for your next checkup and hygiene visit, you will enjoy:

  • More comfortable hygiene
  • Treatment designed for your needs
  • Fast treatment
  • Effective cleaning of periodontal space
  • Less invasive treatment
  • Better preservation of tooth structure and restorations
  • Effective removal of biofilm
  • Easier detection of cavities

In the past, we accepted discomfort related to hygiene appointments as necessary. We needed to scrape away calculus–tartar–to keep your teeth and gums healthy. With the advanced Guided Biofilm Therapy tools, we can remove biofilm and tartar with little or no discomfort.

The unique Guided Biofilm Therapy approach lets us design your hygiene treatment specifically to your needs. That way, you always get the cleaning you need and no more.

By focusing on the cleaning you need, we can shorten your cleaning time. We can complete most of your cleaning in about ten minutes, with only a little bit longer treatment for stubborn spots of tartar buildup. Despite the speed of treatment, Guided Biofilm Therapy gives us tools to clean out the periodontal spaces around your teeth effectively.

The advanced tools of Guided Biofilm Therapy allow us to use less invasive treatment to clean your teeth. This also helps us preserve your tooth structure and restorations. Even relatively soft composite restorations are safe from damage with Guided Biofilm Therapy’s special tools.

Despite being gentler, Guided Biofilm Therapy effectively removes biofilm from your teeth, helping to preserve healthy teeth and gums.

Once we remove all the biofilm from your teeth, it’s easier for us to detect cavities in their early stages, which means we can detect cavities when they’re small and will respond to less invasive treatment.

How Guided Biofilm Therapy Works

Guided Biofilm Therapy is such a great addition to our Las Vegas dental office because the science of oral health drives it. Biofilm is the scientific name for plaque. Biofilm is responsible for about 95% of all oral health problems. By focusing on safely and effectively removing biofilm from your teeth, we can head off cavities and gum disease.

The Guided Biofilm Therapy approach utilizes 8 steps for full effect:

  1. Assess oral health
  2. Reveal biofilm
  3. Discuss oral hygiene and make recommendations
  4. Clean teeth and tongue with Airflow ® tool
  5. Clean space around teeth
  6. Remove tartar from teeth
  7. Final check
  8. Schedule your next appointment

Read the more detailed descriptions of these steps below.

Assessing Your Oral Health

To begin, your Las Vegas dentist or hygienist will rinse your mouth with a highly effective mouthwash to help control active bacterial infections. Then they will look at your teeth and gums.

Revealing Biofilm

At the heart of the Guided Biofilm Approach is using a discloser that colors the biofilm on your teeth and gums. This helps us see how much biofilm you have and where it is.

Home Hygiene Recommendations

Once we see the biofilm on your teeth, we will better understand how well your home hygiene routine is working. We might recommend changes to your tools, such as switching to an interdental cleaner instead of standard dental floss.

Cleaning Teeth and More

The Airflow ® tool effectively cleans biofilm from your teeth, tongue, gums, and more. It uses a focused stream of powder to blow the biofilm off your teeth. This is gentler on your teeth and gums than manual scraping and polishing. It’s even gentler than other air-polishing tools.

Cleaning around Your Teeth

Next, we utilize a special attachment to direct powder into the space between your teeth and gums. This cleans out bacteria down there without harming the tooth root, which is not as hard as the visible part of your tooth.

Remove Tartar from Teeth

Established tartar deposits on your teeth are harder to remove. To eliminate them, we use a vibrating tool. This tool has precisely controlled motions to get the tartar off without harming your enamel or gums. It’s even effective at cleaning around dental implants.

Final Check

Once we’ve removed the tartar from your teeth, we will look for any signs of cavities. Cavities are easier to detect once we’ve removed biofilm and tartar. If we see cavities, we will recommend tooth-colored fillings when appropriate.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

At the end of your hygiene appointment, Las Vegas dentist Dr. Polley will talk to you about when to schedule your next appointment. The standard twice-yearly appointments are just an estimate, and they aren’t suitable for everyone. Based on your health and the biofilm buildup on your teeth, we will recommend when your next appointment should be. It might be in less than six months or further off.

Comfortable, Effective Dental Treatment in Las Vegas

If you are looking for a Las Vegas dentist who utilizes the latest tools and techniques to ensure you get effective cleaning that is comfortable and fast, then you are looking for Dr. James B. Polley and his outstanding dental team.

To experience the benefits of Guided Biofilm Therapy, please call (702) 873-0324 or contact us online today for an appointment at the dental office of Dr. James B. Polley in the Summerlin community of Las Vegas, near the Summerlin Library.