If you’re putting off that smile makeover you really want, it might be because you’re thinking that a smile makeover is a selfish thing to to do. But it’s not.

Sure, you will benefit from a more beautiful smile. You will enjoy the confidence of having a smile you can enjoy whenever the mood strikes you, and the positive effects of making a good impression on people you meet. But your family and coworkers will also benefit if you decide to finally get that smile makeover. Here’s why.

Smile for the Camera

Take a moment to look back over your pictures from a few of your happiest occasions. If you’re like most people who’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, there’s a good chance that you’re not really smiling in any of these pictures. Instead, you are carefully keeping your lips closed so that no one will be able to see, let alone judge, your smile.

And if you think nobody else notices this, you’re mistaken. Your tight-lipped grin is probably telling everyone around you that you’re not really happy or excited to be where you are. Instead, people may mistake the smile for one that is forced. How do you think this will make your spouse and children feel?Do you think your strained smile really communicates joy and love. No matter how you say you love them, your family may not feel the love.

And the impact on your family can be serious. If your child thinks you aren’t happy, it can make them feel less happy. You need to be able to share your happy smile to help everyone in the home feel welcome and loved.

A Happier Workplace

And the impact of your smile doesn’t end at your front door, it extends to your workplace as well, especially if you’re in a leadership or managerial position.

One piece of good advice from leadership consultant Michael Hyatt is that leaders should smile more to foster positive relationships and a good work environment. You’ll put people at ease and build strong work relationships. But how can you do that if you yourself are not at ease with your smile?

Smiling in the workplace fosters positive relationships all around, and that leads to greater productivity and better office morale.

Do It for You–and for Them

You know why you’re considering a smile makeover for you. Greater confidence, more happiness, and better health. But don’t forget the benefits that others will also get when you have a more beautiful smile–one you finally feel comfortable enough to share.

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