Beautiful mature woman, smiling

It’s no secret that we’re all getting older, but the good news is that you don’t have to act your age, if you don’t want to. And you certainly don’t have to look your age, either.

If you are looking to keep looking younger, maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile can be the secret.

Bright Smiles Are Youthful Smiles

Since teeth naturally get discolored with age, it’s no wonder that people will look to the color of your teeth when estimating your age. You can help keep looking young by maintaining brighter, whiter teeth.

You can do this partly by avoiding staining habits, which include smoking and drinking staining beverages like coffee and tea. But that may not be enough, so teeth whitening can help keep your smile bright for many years.

Tooth decay can also make your teeth discolored, so preventing tooth decay and getting attractive reconstructive dentistry can also help you maintain a youthful appearance.

Tooth Wear Makes Your Smile Look Older

Our teeth can get worn down with a lifetime of biting and chewing, especially if you have a poorly functioning bite or malocclusion. So the size of our teeth is a clue that people use to tell your age.

If your teeth have gotten worn down, we can build them up with porcelain veneers and crowns to give them a more youthful proportion.

Whole Smiles Are Youthful Smiles

If you are missing one or more teeth, people assume you’re older, since tooth loss risk increases with age.

The good news is that if you’ve lost a tooth, we have more options than ever to replace it with. Dental bridges have always been a good option for replacing a lost tooth, but now dental implants are available–and they’re even better!

Dental implants look natural and help you maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.

Show Your Smile to Look Younger

Just as important as having an attractive smile is showing your smile off. One of the powers of your smile is that it makes you look younger. A study showed that when you smile, people are more likely to judge you as younger. And the effect gets stronger as you get older!

Plus smiling makes you feel younger, too. If you’re looking for a smile that you will love to share with everyone, please call (702) 873-0324 today for an appointment with Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Dr. James B. Polley.