With the world’s current COVID-19 situation at bay, it’s common for people to feel worried, anxious, scared and even pessimistic. However, simply making yourself smile can have so many benefits to your life. At James B. Polley, D.D.S., we want our patients to feel comfortable and happy with their smiles so they can show them off as much as possible. Discover the different benefits of smiling more!

Energetic happy mature couple dances in their bedroom

It Boosts Your Mood

One of the best benefits of smiling more (that we all need right now) is that it boosts your mood! If you simply make an effort to smile more, it can improve your mood instantly. One research study reviewed participants who recently received Botox and were unable to frown and found that they were happier and less anxious. Researchers claimed that part of this was because they were unable to frown.

Another study found that those who smiled biggest in their high school yearbook photos were living happier lives than those who didn’t. If you want to boost your mood and feel happier, why not fake it until you make it?

Look Younger

Throw out your expensive wrinkle creams and put on your biggest smile instead. A study showed participants a range of photographs of adults and asked the participants to guess their age. Each participant guessed that the people in photographs who wore a smile were younger than they were. Therefore you can skip the plastic surgery and wrinkle creams to look younger.

Achieve More Success

Want to know the secret to a successful career and relationship? Try smiling more! While smiling isn’t the only reason you will achieve success, it can help you get there. Research has shown that people who are happy and smile more tend to thrive more at work and have more successful relationships. Although you might think they’re smiling because of their success, that isn’t the case. The research found that their happiness and grinning happened before success.

Smiles are Contagious

If you want to lift the spirits of those around you, all you need to do is smile more! If someone smiles at you from across the street, you will likely smile right back subconsciously. Studies suggest that humans tend to look for and respond better to smiling faces. There is also a similar effect to frowning faces so it might be best to keep your frowning face to yourself unless you want everyone else to catch your mood.

Everyone can use a smile right about now. If you find that you’re not comfortable with your smile or feel embarrassed about it, why not consider changing it with cosmetic or reconstructive dentistry? Contact our dental office in Las Vegas to schedule an appointment with Dr. Polley today!