Welcome to the new year. We hope you had a happy and safe New Year’s celebration. Hopefully you’ve got some healthy New Year’s resolutions logged. But in addition, if you’re looking to have a better year in 2018, then a new smile is a great place to start. Here’re all the potential benefits that could come from fixing your smile this year with cosmetic or restorative dentistry.

How a New Smile Could Help Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

A Better Job

Are you looking for a new job? Or just looking to move up at your current company? Whether you’re planning on staying where you’re at or move to another place, a new smile could help you.

When looking to hire new employees, hiring managers have repeatedly said that they would hire someone with an attractive smile over someone with similar qualifications but a less attractive smile. Plus, having a new smile will boost your confidence. So there’s no mystery to why having a new smile might boost your chances at your next job interview.

But can having a better smile help you get promoted? Yes. First, if you’re more likely to be smiling at work, you’ll look like you’re satisfied at your job, which will improve your work prospects. Plus, the factors that make you a better new hire (looking more intelligent and successful, for example) also make you better for promotion. And having an attractive smile of your own makes it easier to spread smiles at work, and being the person that everyone looks forward to seeing can definitely improve your odds of promotion.

New Love

People of every age need love, and having a great smile improves your chances at finding love. Whether you’re dating again after a long hiatus or trying to find your first love, it’s your smile that is likely to make the difference. A potential partner is going to notice your smile first, and it’s what both men and women have said they’re looking for in a potential mate.

Having a beautiful smile doesn’t just make you look more attractive. It makes you look more compassionate and sincere–both qualities that people are looking for in a partner.

Perhaps most importantly, having an attractive smile gives you the confidence to just be yourself. You don’t have to hide your teeth–you can talk and laugh openly. And there’s nothing more winning than that!

Personal Bests

Maybe your goals for 2018 aren’t related to your job or the love in your life. Maybe they’re personal feats you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter. Your smile can still help you excel.

For example, smiling can make you a more efficient runner. And it can help you achieve your personal conditioning goals by improving your ability to exercise.

And these are just the start. All the things that make people more able to exercise can also improve your ability to achieve in other areas, too. More energy. Better focus. Fewer distracting health problems. When your live improves in these ways, you’ll see improvements in your creativity and productivity, no matter the area where you’re working.

Get a Great Start

We’ve just opened the door to a bright new year, and there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be your best year ever. And if  you’re looking to make it a great year, having a great smile can help.

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