How a Healthy Smile Makes the Holidays Happier

The holidays should be a joyous time of coming together in joy and warmth with families, friends, and community.

And it’s much easier to have this type of joyous gathering when your teeth are healthy. Here’s how having a healthy smile can make you happier this season.

How a Healthy Smile Makes the Holidays Happier

No Discomfort

It’s a lot harder to enjoy holiday gatherings when your teeth are hurting you. Whether your teeth are just perpetually painful or if they hurt in response to eating or drinking, they can seriously undermine your ability to enjoy getting together.

But a dental visit can quickly diagnose the source of discomfort and make a plan to relieve it so you’ll be free to enjoy all your holiday events.

Enjoy Foods More

So many of our beloved holiday rituals involve food. Sure, Thanksgiving is centered around food, but much of the Christmas cheer is also provided by the festive foods and dishes that we don’t see at other times of year.

It’s a lot easier to enjoy foods when your teeth are healthy. Smiling increases your enjoyment of food, but it goes beyond that. Painful or loose teeth can keep you from eating some foods, and infected teeth or gums can interfere with the taste of foods, giving you a perpetual bad taste in your mouth (not to mention bad breath!)

If you’ve noticed your enjoyment of foods being diminished over the years, maybe it’s time to talk to your dentist about some of these issues and learn how they can help.

Let Yourself Go

If you’re unhappy with the state of your mouth, it can make it hard to relax, especially if you are in a gathering beyond close friends and family. It’s not just smiling that can cause you discomfort. Talking, laughing, and eating can all make you self-conscious.

But with cosmetic dentistry, you can feel comfortable just being yourself around others. You can let yourself speak, eat, and laugh whenever it feels right.

Be Healthier

Holiday colds can really put a damper on your festivities. As can energy-stealing chronic illnesses. You might not think that these are related to your oral health, but they are. If you have gum disease or an infected tooth, it can make you more likely to develop other illnesses because your immune system is already taxed and less able to fight off sickness. And it can contribute to your risk for conditions like diabetes, which can make it hard for you to enjoy family get-togethers. Plus, gum disease is itself a chronic illness that can sap your energy.

But making sure your smile is healthy will help you be healthier overall so you can enjoy the season. And it can help you look forward to many more wonderful holiday seasons to come.

Let Us Make Your Season Brighter

If you are unhappy with the health or appearance of your smile, there is a solution. Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Dr. James B. Polley can help treat health concerns or beautify an unattractive smile so you can enjoy the holidays more for this year and many more years to come.

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