Back in February, we mentioned that your oral health and your heart health are linked. When gum disease goes untreated, pockets develop between your teeth and gums, giving bacteria and plaque access to your bloodstream and your heart. But your heart isn’t the only thing that untreated gum disease might affect. Two other health conditions also share a link with gum disease—stroke and diabetes.


How does something that starts with your smile eventually cause a stroke? It starts with bacteria and plaque entering the bloodstream. From there, it travels to the heart, where it triggers the buildup of arterial plaque. Given enough time, it’s possible for this arterial plaque to become loose and travel through your body to your brain, causing a stroke.


While the connection between gum disease and diabetes is still being debated, recent studies have shown that patients with diabetes are more susceptible to developing gum disease. It’s also been shown that the infection resulting from gum disease can make it harder for diabetes patients to control their blood sugar. If you have diabetes, we strongly recommend that you see Dr. Polley twice a year for an exam and cleaning. They are truly more vital than you may realize.

Want To Know More?

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