When you’re pregnant you know it’s important to take care of your health, but you may not give too much thought to your oral health.

And yet, according to Colgate, it’s best to schedule a dentist appointment during the second trimester of your pregnancy. This is because the first trimester is the most important for the child’s development, and during the third trimester the stress of a dental visit can sometimes increase the chance of prenatal complications.

It’s also important that you tell Dr. Polley if you’re pregnant before you come in so that we can prepare for your appointment and make sure we don’t do anything that would affect the health of your child. Don’t be afraid to come in, we’re experienced at keeping  teeth clean and healthy during pregnancy.

Between your visits, make sure you continue to brush twice a day and floss daily. The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can affect your mouth. The American Dental Association discusses some potential outcomes of this, including “pregnancy gingivitis.” This is an inflammation of the gums that can cause swelling and some bleeding when you brush or floss. It’s important to make sure this is treated because it could lead to more advanced gum disease.

Good oral care is an important part of any healthy pregnancy. Please make sure you visit us so that we can help keep your teeth clean and healthy, both for you and for your child’s health.

We invite you to take advantage of our commitment to you by calling our Las Vegas dental office today!